• How To: Celebrate Friendship Day?

    Who are friends? They are the ones who will be at your side when you’re low or happy, good times or bad times. Your friends are your biggest critics, they will give you honest suggestions and advices. If you get into some trouble, all your friends will go out of their way to help you out. This Friendship Day, celebrate in a different manner – spend time together, go for a night out with your friends or exchange gifts. Here are some ideas for celebrating Friendship Day:


    a. Spend Time With Each Other: The biggest gift that you can gift someone is your time. Spend your valuable time with your friend and make them feel special. Relive your old time, watch movie together, see old pictures and cherish your good times again.


    b. Thoughtful Notes & Messages: If you have friends overseas, send them personalized gifts and greeting cards. There is no greater feeling than getting in touch with your long distance friends. Distance does not matter, what matters is the feelings and emotions of remembering the good times that you have spent together. You can shop Archies Greetings at: http://www.archiesonline.com/shop/friendship-day/friendship-day-cards


    c. Gifts: You can send gifts to your friends and make their day. Choose from our variety of range – from Hampers to Perfumes. Send a small gift and remind them about the sweet memories you shared. Take a look at our exclusive Friendship Day Range here: http://http://www.archiesonline.com/shop/friendship-day/personalised-gifts#goto:100|1

    d. Friendship Bracelets: The most traditional and classic way to celebrate Friendship Day is exchanging bracelets. We all have exchanged bracelets in our childhood. It’s time to relive those memories. Shop Archies Bracelets here: http://www.archiesonline.com/shop-online/Personalised-Gifts/Accessories/BFF-Personalised-Photo-Bracelet/16240


    e. Keep The Spirit Of Friendship Day All Year: It’s not about a single day but celebrating the bond forever. Celebrate Friendship Day throughout the year, spend time with each other, resolve issues, spread love, care for each other. Small things do matter to the person you care for.

  • Celebrating the Special Bond of Friendship!

    BFF, Friends Forever, Chuddi-Buddy, Friends for life, are few words that we all have come across in our life at some point of time. Everyone would agree that friends make life a lot more fun and nobody can deny the fact that life without a handful of friends is simply meaningless and boring.

    Voila! It’s that time of year again where we can make our friends feel special. The friendship day is around the corner, so make sure you don’t leave any opportunity to show your love towards your friends.


    Here we get you the most amazing and beautiful things for this occasion.


    Combos and Hampers: Gift your friend a hamper that he/she will cherish throughout their life.

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    Greeting Cards: Greeting Cards with special message written on it gives you an opportunity to connect with your dear friend in the most special way. 

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    Photo Frames and Décor Items: These are without a doubt a much sought Friendship Day gift. By placing a picture of you along with your dear friend will make him/her feel special.

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    Chocolates: Chocolates can make a yummy and delicious Friendship Day gift, if your friend is a foodie. Offer your friend his/her favorite chocolate and wait for that million dollar smile coming on his/her face.

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    Soft Toys: They make a cute friendship day gift and preserve the friendship memories forever.

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    Personalized Gifts: A personalized gift is undoubtedly one of the best friendship day gifts you can give to your friend.

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    Fashion Accessories: These are some of those things which groom up ones personality, so giving these to your best buddy is a great idea.  

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    Jewelry: Make your female friends feel special with a collection of beautiful jewelry.

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  • My Lifeline. My Parents

    What’s the first name that comes to your mind when you feel sad? Is it ‘Mom’? Because she understands the pain and can comfort you with all the love that is need of the hour. And what’s the first name that comes to your mind when you need some pampering? Definitely, your dad! 🙂

    A father is someone who will be at your side no matter what and will pamper you all your life.  

    This Parents’ Day, make them feel loved with our exclusive collection. Take a look!


    You can choose from our exclusive Parents’ Day collection and make their day! Visit our website: www.archiesonline.com

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    What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word “Piggy Bank”? Is it Childhood Memories or taught you- “how to save”? We all have a lot of memories associated with Piggy Banks. Every kid has learnt about savings through his/her parents. But piggy bank plays one such role where every kid learns the art of saving without any effort. Hence, it’s a perfect gift that one can give to their child. We have a variety of Piggy Banks to choose from!


    a. BOOZE FUND PIGGY BANK: Make your booze lover friend feel special even on an ordinary day as you present her or him this BOOZE FUND PIGGY BANK. A quirky yet unique way of showing your friend how special she or he is for you, this bank will make your loved one remember you every time he or she will drop money in it. http://www.archiesonline.com/shop-online/Home-Decor/Piggy-Bank/Booze-Fund-Piggy-Bank/20863


    b. GIRLS NIGHT OUT FUND PIGGY BANK: Looking for a unique gift for your best friend on any special occasion? Surprise her with this GIRLS NIGHT OUT FUND PIGGY BANK to tell her how much she means to you. A quirky & unique addition to her living space, this bank is sure to make her remember you every time she will glance at it. http://www.archiesonline.com/shop-online/Home-Decor/Piggy-Bank/Girls-Night-Out-Fund-Piggy-Bank/20865


    c. PARTY FUND PIGGY BANK: Is your friend a party animal? Go ahead & surprise her in a cool way with this Party Fund Piggy Bank on any ordinary day. A great addition to your friend’s living space, this money bank will also make her feel motivated to save more & party harder. http://www.archiesonline.com/shop-online/Home-Decor/Piggy-Bank/Party-Fund-Piggy-Bank/20866


    d. MY DREAM FUND PIGGY BANK: Thinking of saving for your dream? Invest on this appealing ''My dream fund'' piggy bank and start saving for what you have dreamt of. A great addition to your living space, this bank will also make for a unique gifting option for your best friend on any occasion. http://www.archiesonline.com/shop-online/Home-Decor/Piggy-Bank/My-Dream-Fund-Piggy-Bank/20862




  • For the Love of Chocolates

    I hate chocolates…. Said no one ever! From kids to adults, everyone loves eating them. It feels like you have entered a whole new world of sweetness and happiness. Soon after you have eaten a chocolate and relished every moment of it, there’s a feeling of having more. No matter how fattening these chocolates are, they have many health benefits too. We give you amazing reasons for ‘Why you should eat chocolates’:


    a. A healthier heart: A square of dark chocolate a day will lower down the blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart attack. Since the chocolates come with sugar and butter, you cannot ignore workout in your schedule. Chocolates and workout will do wonders for you together.


    b. Weight Loss: Yes, you heard that right! You can reduce your weight with the help of dark chocolates. Dark chocolates will reduce the craving for sweet, salty and fatty foods. So, a small piece of dark chocolate a day will help you stick to your diet plan.


    c. Reduced Stress: Research says a small portion of dark chocolate every day for two weeks will reduce stress level. An excellent way to reduce stress level and will help you work in your daily schedule more efficiently.


    d. Chocolate May Prevent Memory Decline: Study suggests drinking two cups of hot chocolate a day may help keep the brain healthy and prevent memory decline in older people. Well, it’s another excuse to grab a bite and stay active throughout the day.


    What are you waiting for? Grab a bite of chocolate and live a healthy & stress-free life. We have variety of chocolates to choose from, take a look at our collection here: http://www.archiesonline.com/shop/catalogue/chocolates