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  • 1o Movies to Watch on Father’s Day

    This Father’s Day, one of the best things that you could do with your Dad is spend time with him. Trust us; he would love it if you two could catch a movie together. Be it drama, action or comedy, what matters is celebrating Father’s Day and being with him. Spend your lazy Sunday on a couch with him, his favourite movie and some popcorn and you’re done for the day. Take a look at the below movies to watch with your Dad:


    a.    “Father of the Bride” (1991): Every girl’s dad can relate with this movie! It’s a comedy movie wherein a dad who goes a little haywire in the midst of his only daughter planning her wedding and getting married. Who wouldn't want the best for their little girl?

    Father of the bride

    b.    “The Pursuit of Happyness”(2006): A father who falls on hard times, living homeless and eating in roadside kitchens while trying to achieve his dreams. In the meanwhile, his son stays with him through his thick & thin.


    c.     “Taken”(2008): This one is an action and surprise movie that every dad would love to watch. Liam Neeson stars as a “super dad” who attempts to rescue his daughter who is a drug addict and living in a different country.


    d.     “Big Daddy”(1999): The movie stars  Adam Sandler as a single guy who unintentionally gets the task of taking care of a little baby boy. Your Dad can sympathize with the character and laugh at his situation of how to be a dad.


    e.    “Mrs Doubtfire”(1993): This one is a classic comedy about the great lengths some dads would go to in order to spend time with their kids. Robin Williams stars as a father that sneaks into his house after a bad divorce, disguised as a nanny to spend time with his kids.  mrs-doubtfire-3

    f.     “Field of Dreams”(1989): If your dad is a sports fan, he should not miss this movie. A fantasy and drama about a young farmer in rural area who builds a baseball diamond on his land. After the diamond is built, magical events start to happen.

    Field of dreams

    g.    “Three Men and a Baby” (1987): Three extremely eligible bachelors get a surprise on their door step in the form of a newborn baby. You'll laugh and cry along with the famous trio as they get a crash-course in fatherhood.


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  • 5 Reasons to Celebrate Father’s Day

    Father’s are special and so are the little gestures that they do for their kids. We all have seen kids saying, “My Daddy Strongest” because they see super heroes in their Dad. Father’s are always treated as strongest pillars of life, someone who will always be your side through your thick & thin. Father’s are not just strong but emotional too, they might seem hard to the outer world but they are soft & tender from inside. Now the question arises, why do we celebrate Father’s Day? Check out the below reasons to celebrate Father’s Day:


    a. He Has Always Been There For You: In your toughest time, he was there to hold you and made sure that you stay motivated. From being a friend to a good dad to a great guide, he has always been there for you. This Father’s Day, let him know that you care for him as much as he does.


    b. He Does Not Show Emotions But Cares a Lot: Everyone loves their Daddy, but when did you ask him last, “Dad, how are you?”. They might not show often how much they love you but they truly care for their kids. They are emotional but hide their emotions from world that is why they are called strongest.


    c. Father’s Day is an Excuse to Celebrate Fatherhood: Spend some quality time with him from your hectic schedule; this gesture will surely make him feel special. Let your daddy know that you care for him the most.


    d. He Puts in All The Effort For You: Remember the effort he had put in every time just to make you feel happy. From being your toy horse to doing your hair, he tried everything to see that wonderful smile on your face.


    e. Your Dad is Your Hero: He is truly a hero of your family. He’s been doing everything in an effortless manner. Now, it’s your turn to make him feel awesome on this Father’s Day.


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  • Top 10 Dialogues by Fathers

    a. Humare Zamaane Mein : Dads just can stop talking about ‘How things were different in “their” times’. They have a long list of comparison starting from their pocket money to struggles of life to education.



    b. Kya Kya Nahi Kiya Tumhare Liye: You will hear this dialogue more often whenever you will commit any crime (in their eyes). So, be ready to hear this and do not forget to tell them that “you’re grateful for whatever they have done”.


    c. Log Kya Kahenge: Night out with friends? Coming home late from work? Wearing a mini skirt? They just have one answer to all these questions: Beta, Log Kya Kahenge? This dialogue has killed many dreams than anyone else.




    d. Yeh Din Dekhna Reh Gaya Tha: Scored less marks, Complaints from neighbors/teachers, fought with friends and they will exaggerate the situation with “ Bas Ab Yehi Din Dekhna Reh Gaya Tha” as if you have killed somebody.



    e. 12 Kar Lo Bas, Graduation Kar Lo Bas, MBA kar Lo IIM Se Bas: This “Bas” list is never ending till the time you get married. This is just a push from their side so that you can perform well in every phase of life.



    f. Paise Ped Pe Lagte Hai Kya: Every Dad thinks that their kids splurge on all the useless things and don’t value money. That’s because you all have a long shopping list, mobile bills, pocket money and so on. Don’t you? Which one from the above is your Dad’s favorite dialogue?