• How to Plan a Birthday Surprise

    Birthdays bring happiness in our lives. Don’t you love celebrating your friend’s birthday more than yours?  You do, right? Birthday planning is very crucial as you want everything to be perfect! Hence, in order to surprise your loved ones, you need to have special preparations and surprises.

    Looking for some super fun surprise birthday ideas when you want to go an extra mile for your loved ones? Then, here’s your guide to a rocking surprise party:


    a. Day of Awesomeness: You can make your loved ones day full of awesomeness by including their favorite places to eat, things they like to do or places they would like to visit and fill their day with these and more surprises. Start the day with sweet little hint notes & greetings and end it with a big bash.

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    b. Round the clock gifting: Who doesn’t like getting gifts every hour? Yes, you heard it right! Make them feel special by gifting once every hour and keep the biggest surprise for last.

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    c. Say it with Balloons: Nothing comes as beautiful as saying it with balloons. Surprise your loved ones with these Balloon Bouquets and see the smile on their faces.

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    d. Birthday Greetings: Greetings are one of the oldest yet cutest ways to express your feelings. Start with the reminders every week and then finally sending the big greeting for the occasion.

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    e. Surprise with a personalized cake and chocolates: Birthdays are incomplete without cakes and chocolates. Complete the sweetness of the day with a personalized birthday hamper.

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    Hope these ideas will help you plan a surprise and make the special day filled with happiness and memories to cherish forever. J





  • Shake a leg with One Direction!

    Are you crazy for One Direction? Do you skip a beat when you listen to their songs? Then Archies Online is the perfect place to give you that heavenly feeling and turn your dreams into reality. We bring to you a perfect way of expressing your hearts towards the British boy band with Archies’s One Direction Collection. Get ready to explore the new range and spend some more good time with your favorite band by investing in 1D collection.

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    ONE DIRECTION POSTER BOOK– A poster book which includes 24 amazing posters, unknown facts and pictures of highlights from the amazing years of the band will be a great pick for your collection.

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    ONE DIRECTION AMP– An excellent poster to decor your Living or Bedroom. It will surely enhance your interiors and will give you a reason to listen to their album everytime you see the poster.
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    I LOVE 1D GIFT SET- Hamper including a fans book, a poster book and a collectable soft toy which will also make for a wonderful gifting option.
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    Indeed you are a One Direction fan, but now it’s time to prove it. Grab and complete your 1D Collection today!

  • Add Elegance to Your Homes With Beautiful Wall Clocks

    Beautiful home décor accessories add a dash of elegance in your homes. These accessories include flower vase, designer showpieces, antiques, paintings etc. The newly added accessory is Home Décor Clocks. These décor clocks would look extremely classy and elegant in your living room or bedroom. This is one of the best options for gifting to friends or family. We have some classic and evergreen collection to choose from. Take a glimpse at our amazing collection here:

    • VINTAGE EIFFEL TOWER WALL CLOCK: Lend a tinge of grace and elegance to your home interiors with this stylish wall clock featuring Eiffel tower with big bold numerals.

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    • GLASS CLOCK-BEER PRINT: An analogous wall clock with visible Arabic numbers update you with time. Simple design with easily readable options and classic features. It can be decorated in your office or at home.

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    • GLASS CLOCK- YOU ARE ADORABLE: Beautifully designed clock titled – You are adorable! Looking for a perfect birthday gift? Gift this beautiful Glass clock to your friend.

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    • GLASS CLOCK- MOTIVATIONAL: Here’s a perfect gift to inspire your loved ones through this wall clock.

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    Take a pick from these beautifully designed wall clocks and enhance the interiors of your home. You can choose from other home décor accessories as well.

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  • Because All Moms Are Special

    Mothers are truly special and what makes them extra special is their loving and caring nature for their children.

    We can never compensate the unconditional love and support of our mothers, but all we can do is reciprocate their undying love by giving them something as unique as they are.

    So, this mother's day what's your token of love for your dearest mom?

    Here are some adorable and thoughtful Mother's Day gift ideas exclusively for you.


    Greeting Cards: When words fall short, a beautiful greeting card can do wonders. So, this Mother's Day express your heartfelt emotions with the mesmerizing collection of greeting cards. From musical to funny, our handpicked collection of greeting cards will do all the talking for you.
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    Chocolates: On this special day, double the celebration by offering the tempting range of premium chocolates by Archies to your mom. When it comes to special occasions like these, chocolates always make the best gifts. Archies offers you world's finest collection of chocolates and ensures that you celebrate this occasion with great joy and happiness.

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    Personalized Gifts: This Mother's Day, don't let your feelings go unspoken. Surprise your mom with something special which she can cherish for years. Start by shopping our fabulous collection of personalized gifts such as photo frames, key chains, cushions, Tile frames, Coffee Mugs etc.

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    Jewelry: This Mother's Day, gift your mom beautiful and intricate jewellery that she can flaunt whenever she steps out of home. Our dazzling collection of jewels will surely impress her.

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    Gift Hampers: Gifting a hamper is one of the best ways to bring a smile on your Mom's face. Beautifully wrapped with colorful ribbons, our delightful range of gift hampers will surely surprise your mom.

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    The occasion is on its way, so without giving a second thought go for these thoughtful and unique mother's Day Gift ideas and make your mom realize that your love for her is never going to fade away.

  • Adopt a Mom

    Maa is the first word that we learnt. She was our first teacher – she taught us how to talk, eat, walk, read, share, everything. Our existence is because of her. God made MOM as he knew only she would be the one who would take care of everyone in her family.


    Maa is the first word which comes to our minds when we are in good or bad circumstances. Whether you are in pain or on top of the world; she would be the one supporting you always! We always tend to take people who care for us, for granted.

    She’s that one person who would always be willing to walk the extra mile for you.


    Now that you are all grown up, you don't need her. You say you can manage yourself and you don’t need her nagging. You treat her like a luggage. Don’t forget that she has sacrificed a lot for you. Now that she needs you, you are not there for her!


    Now that she is old and needs your support, you abandon her like she means nothing to you. How can somebody be so inhumane and treat their parents like objects? How do you sleep peacefully at night? How do you look yourself in the mirror after doing such a heartless act?

    Take out time for her! Treat her like she treated you. Spend time with her, don’t abandon her like an object which you lost interest from. Her whole life she hasn’t asked you anything in return for what she did for you. It’s time for you to realize her importance and sacrifices made by her. Talk to her, hold her, comfort her, hug her, kiss her and see the emotions in her eyes. This will make her so happy that she would cry. This would mean a lot to her.


    Not necessarily that you do it for your mom, tell all mothers around you how special they are. Next time if you see an old woman trying to cross the road, help her! Go to an old age home and spend time with them!


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    Don’t abandon your parents, they gave birth to you, taught you, made all your wishes true and this is what you do to them? Ask your inner self if this is right. You will get the answer.

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