• Top 6 Things to Buy For Your Kid

    We all have sweet memories attached to our first toy. From being our first friend to being our playmate, toys have a special place in our heart. A kid’s world is incomplete without their soft toys. We, at Archies cater to every child’s need. From soft toys to printed t-shirts, we have it all! Take a glimpse of our exclusive kids range below:


    1. Piggy banks: You can browse piggy banks for your kids at:

    We have Red Cat Money Bank, Zebra Car Money Bank, Tiger on Wheels Car, School Bus Money bank and many more to choose from.



    2. Soft Toys: Kids love to cuddle with soft toys. Archies has a special segment dedicated to Soft Toys. You can shop them here: http://www.archiesonline.com/shop/gifts-for-boy/kids-world/soft-toys




    3. School Stuff: This section is dedicated to Cartoons. Be it Mickey Mouse, Ben 10, Spiderman, Donald Duck, we have everything under one roof. Our range includes water bottles, lunch boxes and geometry boxes with printed cartoons on them. View them here: http://www.archiesonline.com/shop/gifts-for-girl/kids-world/baby-album





    4. Balloon Bouquet: Archies came out with a totally new concept of the balloon bouquets. These are newly added in the Kids World Range. One can choose from a variety of options such as Welcome Baby Balloon, Baby Boy Bear Luxury, Giant Baby boy Star etc. http://www.archiesonline.com/shop/gifts-for-boy/kids-world/balloon-bouquet





    5. T–Shirts: Archies has cool and colorful printed t-shirts in all sizes and funky designs for your kids. Shop now: http://www.archiesonline.com/shop/gifts-for-girl/kids-world/t-shirt-sets






    6. Baby Albums: One can save all the memories in baby albums by Archies. These albums are available in various designs and color options for baby girl or boy. Have a look: http://www.archiesonline.com/shop/gifts-for-girl/kids-world/baby-album




    The Kids World Product range can be ordered online at So, what are you waiting for? Start creating memories. Happy shopping! 🙂

  • 5 Ways To Make Mommy Feel Special

    We donat need an occasion to portray how much we love our mom. We all know that mothers sacrifice a lot for their family, for their happiness. When she does so much for us can't we make her feel special sometimes 

    Let's do something for her this Mothe's day and give her all the love she needs!


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  • It’s Time for Chai Pe Charcha!

    What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘Chai’?


    Ek cup pila de yaar! From first thing in the morning till you sleep, all you need is a cup of hot tea! Believe it or not, it’s an addiction for many people in India – 80% people prefer Tea over coffee. People give funny excuses to have “Chai” multiple times a day. Chai is considered to be a stress buster for Indians and they sometimes consider it a medicine too! What happens when your mom has a severe headache and she asks for a cup of ‘Elaichi wali Chai’?
    The various confessions of a Teaholic comprises of hilarious excuses. Don’t believe us? Take a look for yourself:

    • A workaholic says, “I need my energy drink to deliver results.”
    • A labour says, “Aaj chai nahi mili toh kaam nahi ho pa raha.”
    • A peon says, “Office me sabko Tea-Break milta hai, mujhe chorke.”
    • A college student says, “I love my Tea as much as Honey is loved by Bee.”

    It won’t be wrong to replace the word discussions with gossip over tea breaks.  Tea and gossips go hand in hand; in fact a tea break without discussions will be a beach without sea. To inculcate the culture of worthy discussions over tea, Archies has come up with its new Mug Range “Chai Pe Charcha” which highlights the significance of important discussions over tea. Anyone who loves Tea can easily relate to our range because it shows the various moods associated with it. We have the following mugs available in this range:


    Chai Pe Charcha Mug
    Chair Par Charcha

    Chai Par Bitching Mug Chai Par Bitching

    Mummy Wali Chai Mug Mummy wali Chai
    Nukkad Wali Chai Mug Nukkad Wali Chai

    Chai Par Chugli Mug Chai Par Chugli

    One can easily grab our exclusive Chai Pe Charcha range here:
    Let’s begin the culture of worthy discussions with our Chai Par Charcha Range and be a change that we would want to see in others!


  • ‘Not just a teddy’

    Ever wondered why your little one is so in love with soft toys? Sharing things with a soft toy might seem bizarre to you, but for your kid it’s his or her best companion. Ever wondered why? Those heartwarming and reassuring smiles give your child a sense of belongingness. The cuddly toys not only engage your child into imaginative play, but also give your kid warmth and affection as they hug them tightly and speak their heart out.

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