Girls may complaint that having a bossy brother is one of the awful things that has ever happened to them. But hey, there are plenty of advantages too. Yes, they let us eat the cherry first, and their favorite t-shirts are always approved by us first. Want to know more? Read on… Read more →

  • Let there be Laughter. Love. Friendship.

    Friendship Day is here. We all have darling friends, sweet friends, nagging friends, 4am friends, always-there-for-us friends… It’s time to strengthen our relationship with all of them, after all, Har ek friend zaroori hota hai.

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  • ‘PARENT’ – They are the one who believe in you ….

    Parents’ Day is on Sunday – 27 July 2014

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    I’ve spent much of the past twelve months in what I call Strategic Hibernation – pulling back from much of the “busyness” of my life and rethinking things like my priorities, my values and my personal philosophy. I’ve accepted fewer social invitations, limited many activities and spent a lot more time in reflection – just to make certain I’m climbing the right mountain and spending my days in the way they should be spent. I’ve also spent a lot of time this year doing a “Clean Sweep.”

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  • JUST FOR YOU – My Dear Brother

    They say that the bond of a brother and sister is stronger than anyone could know. With him in your life and with you by his side, there’s one thing that you know… that you will never have to fight one single battle alone.

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