• Celebration of Love in Our Way

    Valentine’s Day is just around the corner thus many of you must be planning something special for your loved ones. Celebrated every year on the 14th day of February by millions of people across the world, Valentine’s Day is a very special occasion in order to celebrate all beautiful human relationships.

    This festival of love isn’t restricted to a celebration between the two people who are in a relationship. In fact, this festival is known to celebrate the spirit of love in all forms. You can express your feelings of love, care and affection for those who made your life special in many ways. This occasion gives you an opportunity to discover all the universal emotions and feelings that represent love…

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  • Celebrating the elegance of womanhood

    Women’s day is celebrated across the world to symbolize a moment of pride for every woman and girl, no matter where they reside. For the women in the world, the day is celebrated on 8th March to evaluate how far they have come. In different countries of the world the women’s day celebration is expressed via esteem, admiration, gratitude and love towards women, highlighting their economic, political and social achievements.

    Our lives are so influenced by women that we can’t deny the fact that they play a very important role in our lives.

    The main asset of the nation is a woman. She plays different roles as a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend and a life partner. As woman makes a family, the family makes a home and homes make a society. You can never think of a community without the participation of women….

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  • Dressing up tips for Valentine’s Day – The day of love!

    So finally, the most awaited day is here right the gear for celebrating love and you are busy shopping for the perfect gift for your loved one, preparing to spend some really special time with your Valentine’s! How you dress up for this Valentine’s Day? Have you decided yet?

    Valentine’s Day is a perfect occasion to turn on to your ‘romantic mode’ and express your warm feelings for your sweetheart. It can happen by throwing a valentine bash for your love.

    Scroll down and find out some handy tips and ideas for dressing up for the day. We will help you get started with the perfect look…

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  • Fashion Accessories that goes well with your Dress

    Have a look at your dress. What colors are you planning to wear? Is it Red, Pink, Blue, Golden or some shades of Green? Are you wearing something girly or just being casual? You may now want to accessorize yourself with beautiful and colorful accessories, to give it a perfect look!!When choosing your accessories for your dress you need to keep these in mind for the right occasion. Clothes play a key role to define your right style. Simple plain shirt with blue jeans or a long blue dress can have different look if it is accessorize well with the right color of shoes, sunglasses, clutches, bags and jewelries…. Read more →