15 Popular Flowers With Surprise Meanings

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Flowers have made incredible gifts over time as they can be given to anybody on any occasion and guarantee to bring a bright smile to the receiver’s face.  But it is also worth understanding that different types of flowers have different types of hidden meanings behind them.


1. Royal Ruby Orchid – Orchid is a beautiful flower with brilliant colors, and in modern times this flower has become a very popular gifting item and at the same time a trendy decorating item.  Sometimes people like to buy simple bouquets of orchids as a gift, and sometimes they like to decorate an entire venue for a party.

But does anybody know that this flower has a very interesting hidden meaning which can actually change everybody’s perception towards it.  According to the ancient Chinese people, orchids are a symbol of fertility.  Some other cultures also believe that this flower is symbolic of exclusivity and refinement.


2. Red Rose – Red Rose has been everybody's favorite gift for various different occasions for generations, and people believe it to be a symbol of love. This belief is absolutely correct as, according to the flower mythology, different diverse cultures have believed that the red rose is a symbol of love and affection and also stands for breathtaking beauty. Check Varieties of Red Rose for Gift to your Love one!


3. Tulips – Tulips are beautiful flowers that hail from ancient Persia. Tulip has inherited its name from the word “tulbend,” which happens to be an ancient Turkish word meaning turban.  These turban-like looking flowers represent true love as they symbolize the shape of a teardrop which is believed to be fallen from the eyes of a broken and sad lover in a Persian legend.


4. Dahlia – This flower is believed to inherit a dual personality.  It is believed by some cultures that this flower is symbolic of eternal commitment and dignity. Whereas other cultures say that this flower represents sterility and treachery.  The true meaning of this flower is yet unknown and remains to be a mystery.


5. Hyacinth – The Greek mythology says that this flower was initially a representation of sorrow. Mythology also claims that Apollo had made these flowers from the blood of a murdered friend.


6. Narcissus – This flower is also very commonly known as daffodil and stands for all the good things like loyalty, friendship, and joy.  The Chinese people also believe this flower to be symbolic of good fortune.


7. Pansy – These are beautiful little flowers that stand as a symbol for romanticism; they also happen to be an emblem symbolic of the first wedding anniversary. Check our attractive flower brunches for anniversary gift


8. Poppy – Although these flowers look cheerful, they are symbolic of sleep and oblivion. The Chinese also believe them to be symbolic of wrong urges.


9. Marigolds – These flowers are known to symbolize very strong emotions like courage, jealousy, passion, and exuberance.


10. Sweet Pea – These flowers are symbolic of a farewell. During the Victorian era, it was a tradition due to which departing friends usually left a bouquet of sweet pea thanking everyone for their hospitality.


11. Carnation – Carnations are very popular flowers that stand as a symbol of distinction, fascination, and love. Check our Romantic Flower Gift for your close one!


12. Iris – Iris has two different symbolic meanings.  According to Greek mythology, one meaning says it stands as a representation of a rainbow, and another meaning says that it stands for messenger.


13. Peony – According to Chinese culture, Peony stands as a symbol of good fortune and wealth. Some people also believe it stands for luxury.


14. Chrysanthemum – In Chinese culture, this flower belongs to the nobility and stands as a representation of longevity.  It used to be a symbol for the old Chinese army.


15. Lily – This flower has two different symbolisms which are entirely contradictory to each other.  On the one hand, it stands for life and fertility, whereas on the other hand, it stands as a symbol of death.

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