• Top 10 Rakhi 2021 Gift ideas – Surprise your Sibling

    Top 10 Rakhi 2021 Gift ideas

    Rakhi means celebrating brotherhood and sisterhood. Rakhi means exchanging gifts among siblings and creating memories. This is a day where we all come together to bless our brothers/sisters and renew our vows to protect one another. Rakhi 2021 has to be special as we are all coming out of a hard year. Send personalised gifts for Rakhi online if you cannot go over or get them delivered while you and your sibling stay at home safe and sound.

    We have listed 10 Rakhi gifts ideas for you, 5 for brothers and 5 for sisters, that you can get on Archies Online. Decide which one suits your sibling and order before Rakhi 2021.

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  • Raksha Bandhan 2021: Why & How We Celebrate Rakhi in India

    Rakhi 2021

    India is a land of faith and devotion. We celebrate and worship almost every entity that we respect. One such celebration revolves around the holy relationship between a brother and a sister, and we celebrate it with utter devotion every year.


    What is the story behind Rakhi?

    The roots of Raksha Bandhan stretches as far as Hindu Mythology. The most popular legend says that on the full moon day of the month of Sravana of the Hindu calendar (July-August), God of Death Yamas sister Yamuna tied a sacred thread on her brothers wrist as a prayer of Yamas well-being and threw him impressive hospitality. Impressed by his sisters love, Yama not only made Yamuna immortal as a return gift but also declared that all brothers who received a rakhi from their sisters would become immortal.

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  • Brand Archies is All About Expressing Emotions and Gifting Timeless Memories

    Archies Gift


    Ever since Archies opened for business in 1979, our brand name has become synonymous with not only greeting cards and gift items but also expressing emotions and gifting timeless memories. Every occasion is incomplete without an Archies card. Every celebration is imperfect without an Archies gift. As a brand, we invoke happy emotions, provide value to the occasion, and bring meaning to human relationships. Our success story has been crafted by our customers who have lifted Archies to one of the top names in the market with the brand currently having a 50% market share of the greeting card industry.


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  • Fathers Day Gift Guide 2021: Incredible Ideas that Will Make Your Dad Happiest

    Top Father's Day Gift Idea

    Ask your dad what he wants and you’ll always hear him say that he doesn’t want anything. That is what all dads do. They never seem to be interested in anything at all. Plus, they don’t ever curate wish lists as we all do. But no matter how much your father denies it, you must do something to make them feel special and affectionate. This Father’s Day, you can’t miss an opportunity to show how much you love and care about your dad. 


    It’s true that picking up gifts for dads is one of the hardest things to do. When it comes to picking up the Best Father's Day Gift, you need to think through what your dad likes. If you don’t want to go wrong, here are the things you need to keep in mind:


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  • Endearing Birthday Gifts You Can Get Under ₹500 to Show Your Affection


    Are you thinking about giving someone a birthday gift filled with emotions and affection? With a thoughtful gift, you can’t just make another person happy but also establish a strong relationship with them. When we talk about a relationship, it is not specifically with your partner or better half. It could be with your parents, friends, siblings and many more people who make your heart happy.


    No matter what occasion it is or even if there is no occasion at all, gifts can be given to make your loved ones burst in joy. Now that you are trying to find a perfect birthday gift for your special person that fits your pocket, we will help you out.


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