• Best Diwali Gift Hamper Ideas


    With the festival of lights just around the corner, not even the pandemic can stop India from celebrating, even if it is while maintaining social distance. People are picking out new methods of gifting, and celebrating to make the most of the situation Covid 19 has put us all in.


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  • Why Indian Consumers Are Shifting Towards Personalised Gift Items Gradually?


    Two decades ago, did you imagine that you’ll ever be able to print the pictures of your loved ones on their favorite chocolate cake? Did you think that it would be possible to order a cushion with your loved one’s photo printed on it! Times changed and we began preferring online gifting stores over offline ones. Similarly, gifting preferences of people shifted to personalised gifting quite rapidly.


    Indians are always known to preserve their culture and relationships. It's one of those countries whose people give priority to emotions and relations over anything. Therefore, it was a very good idea to introduce personalised gifting to India.


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  • Archies is ready with Thousands of New Gifting items post Pandemic

    Archies ready Thousands of New Gifting items post Pandemic

    The pandemic of COVID-19 definitely put a halt on everything for months. We couldn’t go out normally, we were unable to visit our loved ones, and most importantly, we were skeptic of shopping. The fear of infection has been dominating us for quite a while. However, Archies Online is back in the game with thousands of gifts that are safe to buy from all aspects.


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  • Best Gifting Ideas to Celebrate Anniversary Post Pandemic


    The pandemic of COVID-19 has certainly changed a lot of things in our lives. The things we took for granted all this while and the things we never felt grateful for have now become the things that we want desperately. Specially, the relationships and those intangible gifts that we never considered. People now are locked up in their own houses where there’s no one to talk to and they are realising the importance of family, occasions, togetherness, etc.


    Things are going to change once this pandemic ends and everyone starts going out. People will now give more importance to their loved ones rather than things that were materialistic.


    Talking of occasions, once the pandemic ends, everybody will have a new normal in their lives. We might start celebrating special occasions like a closed event where we’ll just expect our near ones to be available rather than having big fat celebrations.


    Lately, we have witnessed people celebrating their anniversaries and birthdays in very unique ways. If you’re married and your anniversary is around the corner, then we have got you covered with unique and unusual gifting ideas that you can totally rely on after the pandemic ends.


    1. Heartfelt Greeting Cards: The best gift for wife on your wedding anniversary is the one in which she witnesses your emotions and true self. What else can be better than a heartfelt note about how lucky you feel being her husband. Buy a greeting card and write your heart and feelings out like never before. To buy exquisite greeting cards, click here: Anniversary Greeting Cards For Wife




    2. Chocolates: Chocolates go for every occasion. Gift your beau and box of chocolates along with a surprise that you have planned for them and witness the joy dripping off their face. You can give them chocolates of their favorite flavors or you can even make them on your own. Handmade chocolate made by you will have a totally different impact on them. To buy delicious chocolates, click here: Chocolates for Beau




    3. Luxury Body Care & Makeup: Your lady would have never expected you to give her something which revolves around makeup or skincare. Startle her by giving a unique anniversary gift for your wife and see her adoring you more than ever. There are a myriad of products online for skincare and makeup, but you don’t have to worry as we have got you covered! To buy Luxury skincare and makeup products, click here: Luxury Body Care & Makeup


    Lavish Frangipani Hand & Body Serum


    4. Flowers & Cake: Nothing can beat this combo if it comes to gifting. The Fragrance of flowers and delicious taste of cake is loved by everyone. However, you can add a little twist to these gifts by baking the cake on your own. The period of lockdown taught us many things we thought we’ll never do, one was baking! Why not try your newly developed skill to make your wife/husband happy. Bake her/him a cake and bring flowers to make their day the most memorable one. To buy flowers & cake, Click here: Flowers & Cake Combo Or Flower Bunches Gift for Anniversary




    5. Gift Hampers & Combos: Is this your first anniversary and you planned a vacation out of town? Well, COVID-19 has proved to be a killer of plans for many, but it's okay as we have quite a few surprise options for your loving husband. Among the various options for the first wedding anniversary for husband, you can give him men’s accessories hamper from Archies. These are assorted gifts that men absolutely love, so you can give her a hamper that includes wallet, chocolates, cufflinks, deodorants, and much more. To buy men accessories hampers, click here:  Anniversary Gift for Husband


    Silver Colour Double Photo Frame

  • All time best selling Rakhi products on Archies

    Best Selling Rakhi Products on Archies blog

    Archies has always been a one-stop shop for all your gifting solutions. Started as a greeting card gifting company, Archies grew out to be one of the leading marketing giants in the gifting sector. Archies have always tried to put relationships and occasion above everything else. 


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