• Best Gifts for Women’s Day


    Womens Day is just another reason to celebrate the presence of our beloved ladies in our lives. This day is not just a day to greet and gift, it is to truly value the beauty that women add to our world, another special reason to shower our love and show all our adoration to them by scoring the best Womens Day Gifts of the season.



    Beautiful women deserve beautiful words. Archies Womens Day Cards have the most heartfelt, sweetest words to dedicate to that woman in your life who deserves your praise for being simply her, and making your life better. The most innovative and personal way to send womens day greetings is by making your womens day wishes personal, with your touch of love. Let your beloved mother, loving sister, or the best friend in your life feel more special with Personalised Womens Day greeting cards. Their name, picture and your wishes on a range of personalised Womens Day Gifts like tiles, albums, mugs, cushions and so much more will surely make her realize her special worth in your life. So hunt down the pictures of that day she looked so beautiful in her new dress, that day you will always cherish in your memories, and immortalize that moment on a personalised gift for womens day!!


    The sweet, bitter, nutty- naughty, crunchy- catty moments that you share with the best women in your life deserve sweet delights of the best Womens Day chocolates for being the sweetest memories. Archies has a wide range of the best, delicious, mouth watering, scrumptious, rich textured handmade chocolates that will leave her craving for more! Choose from a wide range of delectable Womens Day Chocolates online and get them delivered to your dear lady in the most stylish, designer packaging that will leave her awe-struck. Everyone wants more love and chocolates!


    Imagine a world without women…Isn’t it a world without grace, colour, style? A world without beauty, cheer and smiles? Lets appreciate all these little things that we take for granted, the happiness that women add to our lives by just being around us with their poise, sass, inherent beauty and elegance. For all the ways they enrich our lives in, lets award them with accessories they will adore. Bag some stylish faux leather bags, trendy wallets, elegant quirky trinkets, scarves and sunglasses and a lot more from the Womens Day Accessories for the fashionistas in your life.

    Elegance of WomanHood


    Love, laughter, fun, strength, style, intelligence, beauty, inspiration, motivation- Isnt she all rolled into one? The woman who is a combination of the bests surely deserves the best Combos for Womens Day. Archies Online Gift Hampers for Womens Day are special curations of the best goodies with a lot of love for pampering the lucky woman on her day. Show her all your love by sending her a gift hamper for womens day online that will surely make her day special, and bring an instant smile on her face.


    So get set going, and explore a range of best Womens Day gifts for the women you appreciate. Enjoy the perks of online gifting with a special WOMENS DAY DISCOUNT (use coupon code WOMEN20) and get her a lovely womens day gift delivered to surprise her!

    Women's Day

  • Valentine Special Seven Expressions of Love wrapped in memorable gifts


    To love is nothing. To be loved is something. But to love and be loved, thats everything. T – Tolis


    Love is the most beautiful feeling in the world. When you are in love; everything seems to be perfect. Waiting for your beloved becomes more romantic, the late-night calls become the reason to exchange the sweet nothings; surprise gifts become the part of meeting your beloved and many more adorable moments that make your days lovey-dovey. Now that the season of love – Valentines Day is here proposals, gifts, candle-lit dinners, romantic messages and what not will find its way to be the expression of your feelings and love.


    Be it proposing someone you have been admiring secretly, or you are already with that special person, now is the time to make moments memorable and extraordinary for them. So, if you have been eyeing on a token of love that will express your feelings in the most perfect way, then you have come to the right place. From the perfect couple gifts to personalized gifts that symbolize that you are perfectly meant for each other; Archies Online, has a gift to impress your beloved this Valentines Week.


    Gifts of love for the Valentine Week



    Rose Day – A rosy expression of love




    A rose speaks of love silently in a language known only to heart, is a true saying. Rose Day marks the beginning of a week-long celebration of all things about love and romance. It is the first day of the week and considered to be special, especially, when a relationship starts. Its time to be all lovey-dovey with a rosy gift such as Rose Bouquet and Bunches, Forever Mine Rose Cushion, Hearty Passion Hamper, Hearty Feelings Hamper and many more gift options that will win them over with all your affection.



    Propose Day – Say it this Valentine




    This is the day many love birds wait to express their feelings for that special someone. So, if you have been waiting for this moment, then add a romantic gift to your proposal and spell the magic of your love in a special way. Personalized gifts, let you add a personal touch to your proposal, you can go for a Personalized Photo Bracelet, Heart Pendant with Chain, Heart Photo Cushion, Granite Stone or Stone Quotation. Apart from this, Jewellery, Gift Hampers, Love Decoratives, Flowers and Cakes will also be a romantic way to show your deep-felt feelings.



    Chocolate Day Add a touch of sweetness to their day




    Chocolate can melt anyones heart, especially, when it is given as an expression of love. So, on this day endow your partner with Chocolate Boxes, Hampers or the best old way of conveying your love with flower & chocolates together. So, which one are you picking?



    Teddy Day – Cuddle up your love with a gift




    The feeling of love is sweet and adorable and so is a gift of Teddy. This day is to adore the bond of love and care you share with each other. So, fall head over heels in love once again with a gift of Teddy Combos & Hampers, Mugs, Accessories, Teddy Bears, Soft Toy Hampers, and Love Decoratives.



    Promise Day – Make a promise to stay together-forever




    Love is a promise shared by two lovely people in a relationship. This day, make a promise to be with them now and forever with Personalized gifts, Couple Rings, Greeting Cards, Home Decoratives, Combos and Hampers and many other options. So have you thought of the promise you want to make this day, yet?



    Hug Day – A hug can express it all




    A hug is a sweet and affectionate gesture that brings two people close and happy. This day, tell them how much they mean to you with a warm hug and a token of your love. The warmth of a hug embraces the relationship and so does a personalized gift with Hug Me quotes, Love Cards, Hampers, and Home Decoratives.



    Kiss Day – The Sweet Nothings




    A kiss is the first language of love that can be understood, is a true saying. It is one of the best ways to convey your emotions and feelings to each other. So, embrace your moments of togetherness with a gift of Mugs with Kiss and Love quotes, Accessories, Combos & Hampers, Love Cards etc.



    Valentines Day – The day of love




    Now, this is the most romantic day for all the love birds around the world. Spend the day of love with your partner with a romantic eve out and a special gift such as Husband Scrolls, Watch, Wallet, Tie & Cufflinks set, Jewellery, Pendant Set and add a surprise of Combo & Hamper to your celebration of love and romance.




  • This Christmas send your love wrapped with the perfect gift


    Oh, Jingle bells, jingle bells

    Jingle all the way

    Oh, what fun it is to have

    Surprise gifts coming your way


    Hola folks! With another year ending; the season of celebrations and holidays, is knocking at our doors. The spirit of love and merriment can be felt all around filling our hearts with joy, peace, and contentment. The festival of Christmas is all about believing in the magic of season. The festive fervor waves a magic wand over the world, and behold, which makes everything softer and beautiful. The magic of the festival makes everyone believe that the season does something extra for everyone.


    It is also the time to get together with friends, family, colleagues and all your loved ones. And get togethers mean gifts Yes, the most exciting part about Christmas celebrations are the gifts that we give to each other. But, with the recent cash problem, long queues and hoards of people; this all can make you go crazy. So, this Christmas, shop from the comfort of sitting at your home with Archies, offering the perfect gifts for everyone.


    Keeping it in the family




    No matter how much you fight with each other or make fun of each other; you simply cannot live without your family and it is your true blessing in this life. So, a surprise gift for them will surely widen the curve of smile on their face. Be it your brother, sister, mom, or dad; you can get exclusive Christmas Hampers, which will be a special gift for everyone in your beloved family.



    The next-door-neighbor




    Now they are touted to be annoying and irritating. But, they are also the ones you run to in case of emergency or any problem. So, no matter how much you hate them, you simply cannot ignore the fact that you cannot survive without them. So, for your next-door-neighbor; you can order Chocolates. This sweet token of love will make your bond with them stronger and sweeter.



    The favorite colleague-cum-teacher-cum-friend




    Everyone would agree that there is at least one colleague who makes your survival at the work place easier and happier. Sometimes, you wonder what you would do, if they were not there. So, for such a special person the gift should also be equally special. You can go for quirky and innovative desk accessories, which will remind them of you every time.



    Friends – The name says it all




    A life without friend is not a life at all! Yes, be it a party crazy, emotional or late night chat friend; har ek friend zaruri hota hai. They are basically your partner-in-crime and every moment without them seems to be too long. So, for your dear friend a personal gift will be the perfect option. A personalized mug, cushion, pen, plaque, collage photoframe or Jigsaw puzzle square.



    The Romeo & Juliet




    Love is the most beautiful feeling in the world and every gift you give to your beloved expresses true emotion you hold for them. So, for a bond, which holds two souls and hearts together can be embraced with a gift of Soft Toys, Personalized Gifts, Chocolates, Jewellery, Flowers and Cakes. This Christmas, exchange sweet nothings with the perfect gift.


    So, get started with your gifting wish list this Christmas with Archies and send a precious reminder to your loved ones that you care for them. Let the magic of Christmas fill your heart with joy and love!



  • Wedding Gifts for the Perfect Happily Ever After


    The big fat Indian weddings are all about a lavish venue, blings, scrumptious cuisines, stunning trousseau and everything glittery. From Roka to Reception; every ceremony is celebrated with great enthusiasm, zeal and lavishness. Your home becomes a big Indian guest room with all your cousins, relatives, uncles, aunts, friends and sometimes friends of friends all at the same place. And it will not be fair to say that you do not enjoy the days you spent at a wedding because it becomes your sole reason of taking a break from your work and leaves from school or colleges. But, this is not just the only thing about marriages.



    Well, the first thing that comes in your mind when you receive a wedding invitation is – The Wedding Gift. Yes, you heard that right! Everyone wants to endow the bride and groom with the best present on the D-Day. So, if you are about to attend a wedding this season and are completely confused about what to give as a wedding gift, then do not worry anymore. Archies presents the best wedding gifts collection to bring a smile on the bride and grooms face.


    Photo Frames



    A picture is worth a thousand words is a true saying. Especially, for the couple who is about to start a new journey in life. From Heart shaped, Silver, Floral to Bottle & Glass Photo Frame; you can find a stylish range to surprise the special couple. So, let moments precious to them be captured in these classic and wonderful photo frames.







    Now who doesnt love jewellery as a gift? Be it a Pendant, Ring, Earrings, Bangles or Bracelet; their charm and beauty can spellbind anyone. So, pick a gorgeous piece of jewellery to wish the couple a happy new beginning and let the shine in their life keep glowing.



    Kitchen & Dining




    When it comes to wedding gifts; Kitchen & Dining are one of the favorite choices. Be it a quirky set from Desi Archies or any other crockery set; it will be a valuable present for the couple. So, surprise them with colorful and quirky crockery set for a happy new beginning.



    Personalized Gifts



    There are people, who are quite picky about the gifts they give on a wedding and if you are one of them, then personalized gifts will be a perfect pick for them. You can go for Photo Stones, Personalized Cards, Cushions and Plaques to add a personal touch to your gifts.


    And if you wish to write down a wish for them, then you can add Greeting Cards and a gorgeous Floral Bouquet to complete your wedding gift. So be a part of your loved ones Happily Ever After with a gift from Archies.

  • Gifts – The perfect way to say you care


    Who doesnt love gifts?



    Be it any occasion receiving a special gift from your loved ones is one of the most awaited moments of a celebration. Gifts mean different things to different people. For some it is the remembrance of their loved ones, for some it is the way to welcome a new happiness in life and for some it is the best way to say that they are being cared for. Though, we all send and exchange gifts to each other on festivals, but there are other special occasions that add meaning to our everyday life.



    Be it Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings, Thank You, Get Well Soon or any other occasion; a gift from loved ones makes it a little more special.



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