• The Highest Paid Daughters of Bollywood


    They are the proud daughters of Bollywood celebrities. With their impressive style, unbeatable attitude, great fashion sense and influential Bollywood movies they have made their way into every heart. One after the other these girls are becoming the changing faces of Bollywood. Sky is the limit for them and nothing can stop them from reaching to the top. They are the idols and inspiration of many girls across the country and globally too. Defying the decade old notions and societal boundaries for girls they are creating new avenues for the generation of daughters to come in the industry.


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  • 5 Wonderful Daughters Day Gifts


    A daughter is an angel sent from above, is a true saying. Your world revolves around her. She is the reason you smile, laugh, cry and live. Every moment spent with her is precious and loving. For a mother she is her own reflection and for a father she is his proud. As she grows you become more attached and concerned for her. She is the one who keeps the entire family together in every situation and never fails to bring a smile on your face.


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