• Spilled! The Secret to Hosting an Awesome Christmas Party

    Secret Christmas Party with Archies Online

    True hospitality is subtle. Your guests might not feel the warmth and comfort at the very moment they enter a party, but it will come to them eventually. From paying attention to the seating arrangement to deciding the names on the guest list, there’s lot to take care of to become an amazing host. When you are planning a Christmas party and want guests to remember it forever, we list the secret to make sure that it turns out to be the perfect one and guests love you for the awesome hospitality.


    Cook what you are best at

    Remember that a Christmas party might not be the best time to impress guests with your culinary skills. Instead of noting down recipes and experimenting them on the D-day, we recommend sticking to what your forte is. Also, don’t prepare dishes that need constant stirring, as that would mean spending more time in kitchen and less with the guests.


    Set the mood the moment guests step-in

    If you are too anxious, chances are that it will impact the guests as well and make the whole party more tensed. Your guests are here to relax, so greet them with a smile at the door. Dress casually so that they feel comfortable right from the minute they enter the house.


    Prepare a good playlist

    When it comes to filling awkward silences, music works beautifully. Have good music played in the background so that your guests feel comfortable, relaxed and pepped-up to have a good time. You don’t have to actually look for party numbers, even Classics will do the job.


    Spend time with each guest

    Instead of spending most of the time preparing food and the remaining in keeping everything organized, we suggest you mingling with guests. Pour yourself a drink and start the conversation. This will also help you in releasing the party stress.


    Give meaningful gifts

    A Christmas party is incomplete without gifts. When we say gift, it shouldn’t be any random item that you picked from the supermarket. Think out-of-the-box and buy something that your guests will remember forever. Check out the Christmas gifts at Archies Online. We are sure that you will love our collection of gift hampers and greeting cards.


    Wrapping Up

    A sumptuous Christmas menu, good wine, and beautiful ambiance aren’t enough to make the evening memorable. Pampering your guests, spending time with them, paying attention to their little needs, and a lot of planning is the secret to host an awesome party. When you are busy sending personal invitations and choosing the menu, Archies Online would be happy to take away the stress of buying party props and gifts. Check out our wide range of Christmas gift hampers and we will deliver them at your doorstep, promptly.

  • 5 Amazing Christmas Gifts to Buy from Archies Online

    Amazing Christmas Gifts with Archies Online

    Christmas, the festival of joy and cheer is around the corner. If you are still wondering how to keep the spirit of Christmas alive, the easiest way is by giving gifts to loved ones. Choosing appropriate gifts that the special people in your life would be happy to receive is, however, easier said than done. It’s time to make shopping hassle-free and affordable with Archies Online. We have myriad of Christmas gifts to choose from and all the presents are unique in their own way. In this blog post, we are listing the five bestsellers this Christmas season.


    Xmas Musical Santa

    The Xmas Musical Santa is an appropriate gift to send your blessings to the loved ones. Made of premium quality material, the Santa is 27cm in height, 19cm in length and 9cm in width. If you are looking for a gift for kids, they are certainly going to love it.



    Christmas celebrations are followed by New Year. Nothing could be better than a colorful and stylish mug so that your loved ones start the next year with enthusiasm. Archies Online has mugs in vibrant colors and plenty of styles to match the taste of all age groups.



    No celebration is complete without chocolates. Though your guests will be relishing the delicious and much-awaited rum cake on the occasion, this alone is not going to suffice their sweet tooth. We have beautiful Christmas gift hampers of assorted chocolates that are not heavy on the pocket but amazing in taste.


    Photo Frames

    A photo frame is a perfect gift to relive a memory. Make the whole affair more personalized by putting a picture of you with the loved one in the photo frame. Archies Online has a wide range of photo frames in metal, wood, and glass to match your taste and budget.


    Wine Glasses

    Christmas cake and wine – a perfect pair for the evening. Why not make it even better by gifting wine glasses to your dear ones. This is a classy gifting option that will easily fall within your budget. Check out the collection of wine and other bar glasses at Archies Online.


    Wrapping Up

    The countdown for the most awaited festival of the year has started, and if you are busy preparing for the party, Archies Online is here to take away worries of buying and sending gifts to loved ones. We have a wide range of gifts to choose from and can also get them delivered at your or the gift recipient’s doorstep in a hassle-free way. For details or concerns, feel free to reach us at 011-4949 8888.