• 10 Unique Celebration Ideas to Spice-up your Kids Birthday

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    Every parent has a unique way of celebrating their kids’ birthdays. Some parents go out of their way to plan grand themed parties, while others keep it simple by only inviting close friends and family members. Though it’s the parents’ prerogative to plan their kid’s birthday, having an idea or two about how to put together birthday celebrations helps you organize a memorable birthday for your kid. One of the best ways to make their day special is to plan an entire day that is filled with surprises. To help, we list ten creative and fresh birthday celebration ideas that are sure to bring smile on your kid’s face.


    1. Plan for an entire “Birthday Week”

    Plan the entire week of your kids’ birthday by taking them to an adventure park, ice-cream parlor, a 3D movie show or any other activity which they like the most. You can also bestow them with special gifts every morning, for the entire week.


    2. Fill their Bedroom with Balloons

    Surprise your kid on their birthday morning by covering their room floor with colorful balloons. Do all the arrangements the night before so that when they wake up they get a lovely birthday surprise.


    3. Serve their Favorite Breakfast

    You may be cautious about your kid’s health, but their birthday can be a cheat day for their happiness. Prepare their favorite breakfast, be it bread jam, noodles, pancakes, pastries or a chocolate mousse. They’d love to be treated like a king or a queen on their special day.


    4. Write a Birthday Message on the Bathroom Mirror

    Another way to surprise your kid on their birthday morning is to write a special birthday message on their washroom mirror. Be a little artistic when writing a message, either use a soap foam or crayon colors to write a message on the mirror.


    5. Decorate their Birthday Chair

    Decorate your kid’s kitchen chair like a throne by using some colored papers and other decoratives. You can also make use of fairy lights to make the chair glow in the night. This will make your son or daughter feel like a prince or princess.


    6. Turn the Bath Tub into a Party Venue

    Kids love to have fun during bath, especially if they are bathing in the bath tub. Create a fun bathing experience for them by decorating their bathtub with small toys and balloons all over. You can also put some rose petals in their bath tub to make it look colorful.


    7. Give a Personalized Birthday Gift

    There is no better alternative to gifting personalized gifts. You can choose from a range of personalized gifts, such as mugs, cushions, calendar, plaque, photo frame, card, and t-shirt. Personalized gift is something your kid will cherish for life as a token of your love.


    8. Buy a Birthday Crown

    Though birthday crown is a common practice, you can go a little creative this time. Kids love to wear crown as it makes them feel special and loved. You will find many DIY tips for creating artistic birthday crowns for kids. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to unleash your inner artist.


    9. Prepare a Slideshow of their Photos

    Another unique way to celebrate your kid’s birthday is by preparing a slideshow of their moments spent with family and friends and a compilation of their own pictures from different age group.


    10. Have a Birthday Countdown

    Surprise your kids by entering their room ten minutes before their birthday and start a birthday countdown. It’s a wonderful way to show how much you love and care about your kid.


    Have a Happy Birthday!

    In addition to the ideas discussed in this post, you can also incorporate birthday party themes inspired by glitter, strawberries, sprinkles, pirates, and ninjas. Kids love cartoons and love to imitate their favorite cartoon character. You can also gift them goodies throughout the day. Don’t forget to explore the wide selection of personalised birthday gifts and unique gifts for kids at ArchiesOnline. We offer fast shipping service to ensure that your gift reaches you in time. If you have any questions about available gifting options, fill out our contact form or call at +91-11 4141 2222.