• Owl Love!


    So what is it about owl products that makes all of us go awww! Well! We are trying to figure it out ourselves. We are personally a sucker for cute owls and owl products! Who isn’t? Owl themed products are presents with a meaning. Owls are a symbol of status, intelligence and of course, wealth. Traditionally, owls are seen to be a protector – against harm, and ill-fortune. So, it you spot an owl, it is considered to be good luck. Here are some products which can bring luck to your near and dear ones.

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  • Cherish your Memory with Personalised Gifts


    All of us love gifts; it makes us feel special and loved. However, there is one thing we love even more, and that is personalised gifts. Personalised gifts have a different charm and feelings attached to it.
    A personalised gift not only leaves you awestruck, it is also capable of turning a bad day into a good one. The best part of receiving a personalised gift is the feeling of being on top of the world, the feeling of being special and that you truly matter to someone. We all wish to feel that way, don’t we?
    Whether you are celebrating an occasion or giving someone something special just because you love & care for them, then Archies is just the place to shop for personalised gifts.

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  • ‘Not just a teddy’


    Ever wondered why your little one is so in love with soft toys? Sharing things with a soft toy might seem bizarre to you, but for your kid it’s his or her best companion. Ever wondered why? Those heartwarming and reassuring smiles give your child a sense of belongingness. The cuddly toys not only engage your child into imaginative play, but also give your kid warmth and affection as they hug them tightly and speak their heart out.

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  • …..the Snoopy way


    Nothing beats the feel of a refreshing cup of tea or coffee!  For some it may be a great way to kick-start their day, for some a perfect add-on to their gossip session with friends, for some an energizer, and for some just another drink to bond with people. If the beverage is universal special, it ought to be served the ‘special way’. Grab one of our special Snoopy mugs and make the day brighter for you and your dear ones.

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  • 425231_10150616981910847_341415349_n

    Garfield Collection

    Cartoon characters and kids go together perfectly, but these days it is in trend for youngsters and adults too. Whether, it is about lending a vibrant touch to your desk, an element of style to your personality or a colorful hue to your office or home décor, the big witty kitty Garfield themed collection has it all. As the saying goes there is a child inside each one of us…all you need is to take your pick from our Garfield collection and let that child linger forever.

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