• Top 15 Diwali Gift Ideas for Her

    diwali gifts ideas for her

    The festival of lights Diwali is just around the corner and we know that you’re in your full festive mood. The colors, lights, sweets and the gifts make this festival great and grand. This festival of lights is followed and headed by 4 more festivals that make it the best festive season of the year. While everyone is approaching towards the exciting festivities of the year, one of the most time taking and confusing situations during this period is selecting Diwali Gifts and Hampers for your loved ones.


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  • 10 Valentines Gifts She Will Love!

    Corporate Diwali with Archies Online

    We are a month into 2018, and love beckons! Yes, it’s that time of the year again when love is in the air. Now we understand that you may be clueless about what to gift your girlfriend for Valentine’s Day, because come on- she’s not your average dude who’d settle for a pair of socks or just a bro fist! But worry not handsome, we’ve got your back. This list has the perfect 10 Gifts to make your girl feel the luckiest this Valentine’s.


    1. Chocolates

    Let’s admit it- all a girl can ask for is a little more love and lots of more chocolates! Yes…That’s true. Behind every successful woman are a lot of chocolates. And if you’re the man who brings her these, you have her forever! She will surely fall in love with the Archies Valentine’s chocolates. Handmade especially for your sweetheart, our scrumptious range of rich textured, luxury chocolates come in mouth watering hampers and combos, that will make ideal gifts for your darling. Express your love in the best way possible with our designer heart shaped boxes, baskets of love, Teddy chocolates and more. Overload your sweetheart with the sweetness of chocolates, because one can never have enough!


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    2. Jewellery for your Jewel

    Ladies love fashion and maybe you have no clue about it! But that’s alright, because she’s going to love everything from our stylish line of accessories and jewellery! Elegant pendant sets, traditional turned modern jhumkis, anklets and trendy rings- win her heart again as you help her make a style statement with the breathtaking trinkets that you gift her! Well, you’re in turn going to be the man with a fashionista as his date.


    Deck up her trinket box from this range-Click here


    3. Bags and wallets

    Don’t you know that a woman carries her world in her handbag? Yes well, she does. Everything from her makeup to keys, to her phone, charger, money, cards, rubber bands, body sprays etc etc and her sassy attitude. Ask her for anything, and she can magically pull it out from her handbag. So it goes without saying that she deserves THE most trendy, stylish and exclusive one! Well, we have exactly that for her in our fresh range of designer leatherette hand bags, mini bag pack, totes, wallets and more.


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    4. Perfumes and Sprays

    When she walks into a room, the air around her seems to dance…love is in the air as she spreads her aroma. The scent of a woman is a warm feeling, butterflies in your stomach, all you want to surround yourself with. We know you love those sweet whiffs when your lady wears her favourite cologne. Add another charming essence t o her collection with our fragrances!

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    5. Teddies and Soft Toys

    Big, warm bear hugs!! Yes, we want them, and we want more, and we want them all the time! Furry, soft cuddle buddies are a girl’s best friends. And oh, we all know it… Archies has the best quality Teddies. Bunnies. Monkeys, Pugs, Elephants and what not! Let these cute buddies express your love to your Valentine and bring her happiness forever.


    Check out our soft toy gifts here- Click here


    6. Greeting Cards

    Can one ever enter an Archies store and return without an “aww” looking at the greeting cards? Your beautiful Valentine deserves beautiful words and pictures. Express love, gratitude, your dreams and plans, all with our heartfelt romantic, sweet n funny, and quirky desi cards! Beautiful words are never forgotten! Add an Archies greeting card to your Valentine’s Day gifts, and let her know you care.


    Check out our attractive cards here – Click here


    7. Make up Combo

    Do we need to explain how much girls love make up? DUH, it’s like Photoshop in real life, an Insta filter for brighter skin and like real life Snapchat sass! NOTE cosmetics from Italy offer you a luxurious premium range of absolutely perfect shades of the best cosmetics- everything from concealers to foundations, eye pencils to shadows, lip gloss, lip sticks, lip correctors, perfect brushes..all of them here – What else? We’ve got a special flat 25% discount for the best boyfriend who gifts his lucky girl make up! So hurry, ‘cos sale closes on Feb 14th.

    Note Cosmetics with Archies Online


    8. Personalised gifts

    Your gifts to your Valentine should be an expression of your love, so personalizing them shows how much you care. Wouldn’t it be best if a diary or a mug for your girlfriend/wife has her name and picture on it, or cushions and albums have special memories of your special relationship? We have everything from personalised tiles, cards, mugs, cushions, diaries, pens etc all to make your Valentine feel even more precious and special.


    You can personalise your gifts here- Click here


    9. Flowers

    Flowers are an age old, timeless gift of romance. They speak the language of love, and never fail to express your heart. Specially arranged bunches, happy blooming bouquets, baskets, jars of fresh and lifelike artificial flowers in heartwarming colours are ready to work their magic in your love life!



    Charm your lady with a romantic dedication of flowers from here –Click here


    10. Quotations

    Beautiful words are so much more than just words- they are heartfelt dedications of love and gratitude. Romantic love quotation books, tiles, message bottles…all spell love the way you mean it. Let your lady love smile and melt as she sees these every day in her room or office.

    11. LOVE

    Most importantly, don’t forget to tell her that she’s the one, and shower all you love by pampering her this Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Week is all about loving and giving. Hope this gift guide for her helps you decide the perfect gift for your darling.


  • 5 Gift Ideas to Cherish Your Beloved’s Personality

    Gift for Her with Archies

    She’s the apple of your eye. The one who took your breath away the moment you first saw her. You both are truly, madly, and deeply in love, but when it comes to buying her gifts, you are still stuck with old-school choices. Though no gift can match the personal impact of greeting cards, boutique, and soft toys, you must occasionally treat her to special gifts that she will cherish for a lifetime. A gift that compliments her personality or hobby, is the best way to go. To help you get started with isolating the best gift ideas for her, this blog post lists five carefully chosen options for your special someone.


    1. Inspired Photographer

    While most girls prefer being in the picture, some enjoy life behind the camera. If your girl loves clicking pictures, a professional camera is an ideal gift for her. There are plethora of professionals cameras available in the market. Choose one that captures quality photos even in low-light conditions, offers excellent control over video, and seamlessly captures wide angles for perfect portraits and snapshots.


    2. Avid Reader

    If books are your girl’s best friend, gifting books is the easiest way to charm her. If, like most women, she enjoys reading romantic novels, surprise her with the latest publications of her favorite writer. If she’s the intellectual type, gift her some books aligned with her interest. If she’s comfortable reading all genres, check out online stores for latest publications in different genres.


    3. Tech-Savvy

    Though technology and women generally doesn’t go hand-in-hand, there are some that enjoy being surrounded by technology. If your girlfriend loves the latest smartphones in the market, surprise her by buying one for her. There are several other tech options that you can gift her, including smartwatches, fitness bands, bluetooth speaker and headphones, or a laptop. It helps if you would know the device that she lacks.


    4. Fashionista

    If your women is a fashionista, she loves to always be on top of her game. She knows fashion so well that she rarely falters with their fashion choice. Though it may be difficult to match her choice and fashion sense, you can still try and impress her with your choice. Buy trending clothing, such as cold shoulder top and palazzo pants; or footwear, such as bold platform and lace-up heels, and witness the excitement in her eyes at receiving something she’s fond of.


    5. Adventure Junky

    If your girlfriend enjoys going on adventure trips, you can plan a trip together. It can be any adventure from skiing in the Himalayas, rafting in Rishikesh, from paragliding, to deep sea diving. Plan an adventure holiday and enjoy some thrilling moments together. If she’s going with her friends, gift her the necessary accessories such as tents for camping, trekking boots, and sleeping bags. You can also take a cue from what she loves to do.


    Even though, there’s no denying that these gifts can sweep the right girl of her feet, but you can also bag some cool gifts from an extensive selection without breaking the bank, at Archies Online. We offer a comprehensive range of gifts for your girlfriend, wife, fiancee, or female friends. Shop for beautiful jewellery, attractive accessories, or chocolate and greeting card combos and hampers to shower your beloved with your love and appreciation. To learn more, fill out our contact form or simply call 011-4949 8888.

  • Valentine Special Seven Expressions of Love wrapped in memorable gifts


    To love is nothing. To be loved is something. But to love and be loved, thats everything. T – Tolis


    Love is the most beautiful feeling in the world. When you are in love; everything seems to be perfect. Waiting for your beloved becomes more romantic, the late-night calls become the reason to exchange the sweet nothings; surprise gifts become the part of meeting your beloved and many more adorable moments that make your days lovey-dovey. Now that the season of love – Valentines Day is here proposals, gifts, candle-lit dinners, romantic messages and what not will find its way to be the expression of your feelings and love.


    Be it proposing someone you have been admiring secretly, or you are already with that special person, now is the time to make moments memorable and extraordinary for them. So, if you have been eyeing on a token of love that will express your feelings in the most perfect way, then you have come to the right place. From the perfect couple gifts to personalized gifts that symbolize that you are perfectly meant for each other; Archies Online, has a gift to impress your beloved this Valentines Week.


    Gifts of love for the Valentine Week



    Rose Day – A rosy expression of love




    A rose speaks of love silently in a language known only to heart, is a true saying. Rose Day marks the beginning of a week-long celebration of all things about love and romance. It is the first day of the week and considered to be special, especially, when a relationship starts. Its time to be all lovey-dovey with a rosy gift such as Rose Bouquet and Bunches, Forever Mine Rose Cushion, Hearty Passion Hamper, Hearty Feelings Hamper and many more gift options that will win them over with all your affection.



    Propose Day – Say it this Valentine




    This is the day many love birds wait to express their feelings for that special someone. So, if you have been waiting for this moment, then add a romantic gift to your proposal and spell the magic of your love in a special way. Personalized gifts, let you add a personal touch to your proposal, you can go for a Personalized Photo Bracelet, Heart Pendant with Chain, Heart Photo Cushion, Granite Stone or Stone Quotation. Apart from this, Jewellery, Gift Hampers, Love Decoratives, Flowers and Cakes will also be a romantic way to show your deep-felt feelings.



    Chocolate Day Add a touch of sweetness to their day




    Chocolate can melt anyones heart, especially, when it is given as an expression of love. So, on this day endow your partner with Chocolate Boxes, Hampers or the best old way of conveying your love with flower & chocolates together. So, which one are you picking?



    Teddy Day – Cuddle up your love with a gift




    The feeling of love is sweet and adorable and so is a gift of Teddy. This day is to adore the bond of love and care you share with each other. So, fall head over heels in love once again with a gift of Teddy Combos & Hampers, Mugs, Accessories, Teddy Bears, Soft Toy Hampers, and Love Decoratives.



    Promise Day – Make a promise to stay together-forever




    Love is a promise shared by two lovely people in a relationship. This day, make a promise to be with them now and forever with Personalized gifts, Couple Rings, Greeting Cards, Home Decoratives, Combos and Hampers and many other options. So have you thought of the promise you want to make this day, yet?



    Hug Day – A hug can express it all




    A hug is a sweet and affectionate gesture that brings two people close and happy. This day, tell them how much they mean to you with a warm hug and a token of your love. The warmth of a hug embraces the relationship and so does a personalized gift with Hug Me quotes, Love Cards, Hampers, and Home Decoratives.



    Kiss Day – The Sweet Nothings




    A kiss is the first language of love that can be understood, is a true saying. It is one of the best ways to convey your emotions and feelings to each other. So, embrace your moments of togetherness with a gift of Mugs with Kiss and Love quotes, Accessories, Combos & Hampers, Love Cards etc.



    Valentines Day – The day of love




    Now, this is the most romantic day for all the love birds around the world. Spend the day of love with your partner with a romantic eve out and a special gift such as Husband Scrolls, Watch, Wallet, Tie & Cufflinks set, Jewellery, Pendant Set and add a surprise of Combo & Hamper to your celebration of love and romance.




  • This Christmas send your love wrapped with the perfect gift


    Oh, Jingle bells, jingle bells

    Jingle all the way

    Oh, what fun it is to have

    Surprise gifts coming your way


    Hola folks! With another year ending; the season of celebrations and holidays, is knocking at our doors. The spirit of love and merriment can be felt all around filling our hearts with joy, peace, and contentment. The festival of Christmas is all about believing in the magic of season. The festive fervor waves a magic wand over the world, and behold, which makes everything softer and beautiful. The magic of the festival makes everyone believe that the season does something extra for everyone.


    It is also the time to get together with friends, family, colleagues and all your loved ones. And get togethers mean gifts Yes, the most exciting part about Christmas celebrations are the gifts that we give to each other. But, with the recent cash problem, long queues and hoards of people; this all can make you go crazy. So, this Christmas, shop from the comfort of sitting at your home with Archies, offering the perfect gifts for everyone.


    Keeping it in the family




    No matter how much you fight with each other or make fun of each other; you simply cannot live without your family and it is your true blessing in this life. So, a surprise gift for them will surely widen the curve of smile on their face. Be it your brother, sister, mom, or dad; you can get exclusive Christmas Hampers, which will be a special gift for everyone in your beloved family.



    The next-door-neighbor




    Now they are touted to be annoying and irritating. But, they are also the ones you run to in case of emergency or any problem. So, no matter how much you hate them, you simply cannot ignore the fact that you cannot survive without them. So, for your next-door-neighbor; you can order Chocolates. This sweet token of love will make your bond with them stronger and sweeter.



    The favorite colleague-cum-teacher-cum-friend




    Everyone would agree that there is at least one colleague who makes your survival at the work place easier and happier. Sometimes, you wonder what you would do, if they were not there. So, for such a special person the gift should also be equally special. You can go for quirky and innovative desk accessories, which will remind them of you every time.



    Friends – The name says it all




    A life without friend is not a life at all! Yes, be it a party crazy, emotional or late night chat friend; har ek friend zaruri hota hai. They are basically your partner-in-crime and every moment without them seems to be too long. So, for your dear friend a personal gift will be the perfect option. A personalized mug, cushion, pen, plaque, collage photoframe or Jigsaw puzzle square.



    The Romeo & Juliet




    Love is the most beautiful feeling in the world and every gift you give to your beloved expresses true emotion you hold for them. So, for a bond, which holds two souls and hearts together can be embraced with a gift of Soft Toys, Personalized Gifts, Chocolates, Jewellery, Flowers and Cakes. This Christmas, exchange sweet nothings with the perfect gift.


    So, get started with your gifting wish list this Christmas with Archies and send a precious reminder to your loved ones that you care for them. Let the magic of Christmas fill your heart with joy and love!