• Parents Day and Its Celebration Ideas


    We all are very well aware of Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Daughters Day and so on. However, do you know there is a day to celebrate parenthood? Yes, its the Parents Day, which is celebrated with full zeal worldwide on the fourth Sunday of July. This year, it falls on 24th July 2016.


    Therefore, the question is what Parents Day is and why it is so important. Well, it is a national observance in the US since 1994 that came into the limelight to promote the role of responsible parenting and to give them recognition for their efforts. Being parents is a big responsibility, as its not only just confined to giving birth to a child, they need to struggle day and night to give their child a nurturing and secure environment. All that investments, commitments, sacrifices, focus, time and much more, needs to be appreciate.


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  • Fathers Day Gift Ideas for All Types of Dad


    Dad is the first hero for a son, whilst the first love of a daughter. The love and support of a father are difficult to describe in words, as he has done so much for us that is uncountable. He nurtured, supported us, taught discipline, good manners and above all loved us unconditionally just like our mother. However, there is one thing about dad, he never shows his love and spends less time with us. It does not mean that we forget him in our journey of life.


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  • How to Apply Makeup in Summers on different Occasions?


    Summers are all about unbearable heat, sweating, cool drinks, pool parties and much more. In addition, for women and girls, its about wearing some hot and trendy dresses. Even irrespective of the weather, we women love to dress up and complement it with a perfect makeup that makes us look just wow. And if you are one of them, then just go ahead and keep reading this blog, which will get you acquainted with the best ways to apply makeups, especially in summers.


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  • 5 Artistic DIY Mothers Day Gift Ideas to make it Special!


    MOM is not just a word; it means more than one could ever express in words. A mom is the dearest friend, caring mother, supportive, loving, amazing and a gem that is so precious, which money can never buy. We all are gifted with the most beautiful creation of God i.e. our moms. Actually, we are here in this world because of her. She nurtures us day and night for years without expecting anything in return. Make sacrifices of her desires that are unsaid gain weight during pregnancy, go through unbearable pain for 9 months, sleepless nights, starve for us, leave her ambitions, dreams and what not.


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