• Brilliant Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas To Surprise Her This Valentine

    Men are giving gifts to women

    Valentine’s Day is celebrated across the globe as the day of love. This gives couples an opportunity to spend time together and shower each other with love. Keeping this special occasion in mind, Archies has curated a special valentine’s day gifts for her category to make it easy for you to find that perfect gift for your girlfriend, fiancee, or wife this Valentine for your girl to make her feel special. Wrap an amazing and romantic gift that truly signifies your love. Whether you wish to express your feelings for the first time or celebrate your love, the lovers holiday is here for you. To help you express your feelings to the woman in your life, we have compiled a sample of the best valentine gift for your girlfriend.


    Personalized Photo Frame

    Nothing can be more special than a gift with a personalized message of love. Gifting a customized photo frame featuring a picture of the two of you is an excellent idea. Look for classic frames such as gold or silver coated frames studded with crystals or Swarovski. Check Archies Online’s wide collection of personalized photo frames.


    Greeting Card

    Most girls love to read. Valentine’s is the right time to let her read a little about your feelings for her. If you have poetic skills, it’s time to put pen to paper and pour out your love and appreciation. Your girlfriend will definitely enjoy and cherish your expression of love in the most direct and personalized fashion. In case you are out of town, make sure you shop in time to get it delivered to your partner. Pick your best card from our selection of exclusive greeting cards, add a personal message, couple it with some flowers, and your valentine’s day gift is good to go.


    Elegant Bracelet

    They say all you need is love but a little jewellery never hurt anybody. Imagine the happiness that an elegant and a precious bracelet gives to your wife or girlfriend. If your girlfriend is fashionable and loves to make style statements with her clothes and accessories, wrapping an elegant bracelet is the best of all valentine’s day gifts for her to impress and surprise her. Choose from a wide variety of elegant bracelets to find only the best one for her.


    Customized Mug or Sippers

    Mugs are for every season and every reason. Get a coffee mug or a sipper with a customized love quote or your pictures to bring a smile on her face every day when she sips her coffee. Go creative and utilize the space for everything that you want to say. This is the best way to remind her your feelings every morning. Check out our selection of unique, affordable, and customized mugs and sippers.


    Swirling LED Candle Light

    Swirling LED candlelight coupled with a romantic fragrance is a very thoughtful Valentine gift for your girlfriend. Give it a try this valentines and your girlfriend will enjoy every moment and cherish the memories forever. Archies brings you an exclusive collection of LED lamps and Lanterns to help you surprise and spoil her this valentine.


    Glass Vase with Flower Arrangements

    A bouquet of fresh flowers is a perfect valentines gift that is often gifted coupled with a card. If you want to gift something that will last a long time, gift her beautiful artificial flowers with a classy vase. Archies Online offers a classic range of flower arrangements to suit every taste.


    Shower Her with Love!

    Valentine’s Day is the best occasion to gift your girlfriend or wife something that conveys your true feelings of love and appreciation. The right valentine’s gifts for Females help you express and reaffirm your love for that special someone in your life or dreams. From chocolates to flower arrangements, jewelry to customized gift hampers, Archies carries a wide range of exclusive Valentine’s Day gifts to help you make her day more special and last forever. For answers to all your question, call us at +91-11 4949 8888 or email at helpdesk@archiesonline.com.

  • 10 Valentines Gifts She Will Love!

    Corporate Diwali with Archies Online

    We are a month into 2018, and love beckons! Yes, it’s that time of the year again when love is in the air. Now we understand that you may be clueless about what to gift your girlfriend for Valentine’s Day, because come on- she’s not your average dude who’d settle for a pair of socks or just a bro fist! But worry not handsome, we’ve got your back. This list has the perfect 10 Gifts to make your girl feel the luckiest this Valentine’s.


    1. Chocolates

    Let’s admit it- all a girl can ask for is a little more love and lots of more chocolates! Yes…That’s true. Behind every successful woman are a lot of chocolates. And if you’re the man who brings her these, you have her forever! She will surely fall in love with the Archies Valentine’s chocolates. Handmade especially for your sweetheart, our scrumptious range of rich textured, luxury chocolates come in mouth watering hampers and combos, that will make ideal gifts for your darling. Express your love in the best way possible with our designer heart shaped boxes, baskets of love, Teddy chocolates and more. Overload your sweetheart with the sweetness of chocolates, because one can never have enough!


    Get mouth watering chocolate deals – Click here


    2. Jewellery for your Jewel

    Ladies love fashion and maybe you have no clue about it! But that’s alright, because she’s going to love everything from our stylish line of accessories and jewellery! Elegant pendant sets, traditional turned modern jhumkis, anklets and trendy rings- win her heart again as you help her make a style statement with the breathtaking trinkets that you gift her! Well, you’re in turn going to be the man with a fashionista as his date.


    Deck up her trinket box from this range-Click here


    3. Bags and wallets

    Don’t you know that a woman carries her world in her handbag? Yes well, she does. Everything from her makeup to keys, to her phone, charger, money, cards, rubber bands, body sprays etc etc and her sassy attitude. Ask her for anything, and she can magically pull it out from her handbag. So it goes without saying that she deserves THE most trendy, stylish and exclusive one! Well, we have exactly that for her in our fresh range of designer leatherette hand bags, mini bag pack, totes, wallets and more.


    Check them out here- Click here


    4. Perfumes and Sprays

    When she walks into a room, the air around her seems to dance…love is in the air as she spreads her aroma. The scent of a woman is a warm feeling, butterflies in your stomach, all you want to surround yourself with. We know you love those sweet whiffs when your lady wears her favourite cologne. Add another charming essence t o her collection with our fragrances!

    Check them out here- Click here

    5. Teddies and Soft Toys

    Big, warm bear hugs!! Yes, we want them, and we want more, and we want them all the time! Furry, soft cuddle buddies are a girl’s best friends. And oh, we all know it… Archies has the best quality Teddies. Bunnies. Monkeys, Pugs, Elephants and what not! Let these cute buddies express your love to your Valentine and bring her happiness forever.


    Check out our soft toy gifts here- Click here


    6. Greeting Cards

    Can one ever enter an Archies store and return without an “aww” looking at the greeting cards? Your beautiful Valentine deserves beautiful words and pictures. Express love, gratitude, your dreams and plans, all with our heartfelt romantic, sweet n funny, and quirky desi cards! Beautiful words are never forgotten! Add an Archies greeting card to your Valentine’s Day gifts, and let her know you care.


    Check out our attractive cards here – Click here


    7. Make up Combo

    Do we need to explain how much girls love make up? DUH, it’s like Photoshop in real life, an Insta filter for brighter skin and like real life Snapchat sass! NOTE cosmetics from Italy offer you a luxurious premium range of absolutely perfect shades of the best cosmetics- everything from concealers to foundations, eye pencils to shadows, lip gloss, lip sticks, lip correctors, perfect brushes..all of them here – What else? We’ve got a special flat 25% discount for the best boyfriend who gifts his lucky girl make up! So hurry, ‘cos sale closes on Feb 14th.

    Note Cosmetics with Archies Online


    8. Personalised gifts

    Your gifts to your Valentine should be an expression of your love, so personalizing them shows how much you care. Wouldn’t it be best if a diary or a mug for your girlfriend/wife has her name and picture on it, or cushions and albums have special memories of your special relationship? We have everything from personalised tiles, cards, mugs, cushions, diaries, pens etc all to make your Valentine feel even more precious and special.


    You can personalise your gifts here- Click here


    9. Flowers

    Flowers are an age old, timeless gift of romance. They speak the language of love, and never fail to express your heart. Specially arranged bunches, happy blooming bouquets, baskets, jars of fresh and lifelike artificial flowers in heartwarming colours are ready to work their magic in your love life!



    Charm your lady with a romantic dedication of flowers from here –Click here


    10. Quotations

    Beautiful words are so much more than just words- they are heartfelt dedications of love and gratitude. Romantic love quotation books, tiles, message bottles…all spell love the way you mean it. Let your lady love smile and melt as she sees these every day in her room or office.

    11. LOVE

    Most importantly, don’t forget to tell her that she’s the one, and shower all you love by pampering her this Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Week is all about loving and giving. Hope this gift guide for her helps you decide the perfect gift for your darling.


  • 5 Impeccable Valentine Gift Ideas For Your Man

    Valentine Gift Ideas For Him with Archies Online

    Most people crack their heads when valentine’s day is around the corner due to indecision on what constitutes a perfect gift. This is a problem that also visits women as they seek to come up with fresh valentine gift ideas to keep the romance alive. The issue becomes even more compounded if your partner is well adept at choosing valentine’s gifts. There are many ways to express your love and one of the best remains presenting a carefully chosen Valentine gift. This blog shares some unique and perfect Valentine gifts Ideas to help you treat your man to a pleasant surprise. Here are a few carefully chosen Valentine gifts for him that you can buy to express your love and appreciation.



    A wallet is a useful item that most men carry everywhere they go. Why not replace his dingy wallet with the one you choose especially for him? Every time he holds the wallet in his hands, it is a perfect reminder of your love for him. Make this day unforgettable with this special gift that he can use everyday and get constant reminders of your love and care.


    Shaving Kit

    A shaving kit is another perfect valentine’s gift idea as it is used frequently. If your man likes to keep a clean shaven look, a shaving kit deserves your serious consideration. Customize the gift by including other related items such as face oil, shaving foam, shaving brush, razor, and aftershave gel.


    Personalized Cufflinks

    Personalized cufflinks, a favorite for all big boys, depict both style and class. To make your gift more unique, get him custom cufflinks engraved with your anniversary date or his initials. Valentine gift ideas that feature a personal touch even rank higher than off-the-shelf alternatives.


    Chocolates & Roses

    Let’s be real. When it comes to valentine gifts, nothing beats the traditional combination of red roses and chocolates. Contrary to common belief, men also deeply appreciate these ancient tokens of love. Chocolates and roses make a perfect combo valentine’s gift for him and expresses your feelings in an unmistakable way. Add a greeting card with a romantic quote to this combination.


    Personalized Cushion

    Gift your partner the warmth of your relationship in the form of a cushion cover. The design can feature the best photo in your collection, something that is sure to make him emotional and feel the romance at the same time. Add a more personal touches with a short message on the cover. A personalized cushion cover gift expresses how you love and cherish him and he gets a constant reminder every time he goes to bed.


    Wrap Up

    Finalizing the best valentine gift ideas can be a tall order. Check Archies’ exclusive valentine gifts for him for the perfect gift for your partner. Hurry and bag the coolest gifts to beat the valentine’s stampede and enjoy fast shipping. Archies also boast a wide range of other valentine gifts for every relationship. Love is in the air and it’s a perfect time to reinforce your bond with a personalized gift. For more information or answers to your questions, call us at +91-11 4141 2222 or mailto helpdesk@archiesonline.com. You can also fill out our Query Form.

  • Why Nothing Beats Personalized Gifts for Him this Valentines

    Valentines gifts for him with Archies Online

    Valentine’s Day is upon us, and once again, lovebirds are running from pillar to post for that ideal gift. Gift shopping can be excruciating especially if you can’t find one that really relates to your partner or conveys your feelings in a perfect way. If you are tired of going for the same old generic gifts for him, surprise your partner with unique personalized gifts for him. There are many reasons why personalized gifts trump generic options. Here is a quick look at some of the notable reasons.


    Convey feelings

    Personalized gifts for him show that you have put much thought and effort into making or putting something together. This realization by the recipient of the gift makes them feel special which is the original intent of the giver.


    Strengthen your personal connection

    Going with personalized gifts for him this valentine’s enables you to boost your personal connection. A personalized gift celebrates your personal connection as it is put together with intimate knowledge of the recipient’s likes, hobbies, and style in mind. Giving them something you know they will love and use reinforces your bond.


    Work for any occasion/ relationship

    Whether you are looking for the best gifts for him for valentine’s, xmas, Father’s day, or wedding anniversary, the personalized gift route always works out. You can buy or craft personalized gifts for him for your fiance, husband, brother, or dad. Archies offers a diverse selection of personalized gifts for him that you can customize according to the relationship and occasion.


    They are unique

    A personalized gift is unique as there are no two that are the same. The joy of receiving a gift can easily and quickly be dampened on discovering that a bunch of other people recieved the exact same gift maybe from the same person.


    Shop the ultimate gifts for him

    If you are tired of generic gifts and want to go for something fresh, personal, and unique this valentines, browse through Archies exclusive selection of personalized gifts for him. Shop today and bag creative, high quality and affordable gifts for him. It’s the season of love and we have all that you need to express your love and appreciation under one roof. Check out the comprehensive range of valentine’s gifts or call our customer care at 011 4949 8888 or mailto helpdesk@archiesonline.com. You can also fill out our Query Form.

  • 10 Gift Ideas for Him that Will Bring a Smile on His Face

    Gifts for Him with Archiesonline

    Men might not show their excitement for gifts, the way women do; but the right gift can definitely make them happy. Choosing a gift for a man is, however, not easy, especially when its about buying a gift for a man who is hard to please. If you too are looking for a gift for your father, friend, boyfriend or husband, here are a few gift ideas that will bring a smile on his face.


    1. Beer Mug

    You could always get him a giant beer mug in which he can gulp down his favorite beer. To quirk things up a notch, you can get the beer mug customized and give it a personal touch as well!


    2. Coffee Mug

    For the caffeine or hot chocolate lover, a coffee mug can be a simple and memorable gift! You can get a quote or his picture printed on the mug at a very small price as well!


    3. Personalized Keychain

    A man might not invest his time and effort in getting himself a personalized keychain, but in case you gift him one, he will definitely like the idea!


    4. Wallet

    An essential that no man can do without! Choose a black or brown leather wallet depending on his preference and you have a gift!


    5. Wrist Watch

    A nice wrist watch ticks of all the characteristics of a good gift! It is a perfect present for any occasion and lasts a lifetime!


    6. Body Mist

    There is a variety of body mists available online for you to choose from: organic, refreshing and luxurious. Go for a fragrance that is subtle and not very overpowering.


    7. Perfume

    Men need to smell good, as much as the women do. You can gift him his favorite perfume or cologne! A few gifts are as pampering as a luxurious eau de toilette for a man!


    8. Personalized Calendar

    Extremely handy and a gift that comes with great utility. A personalized calendar is a perfect gift if the man youre buying it for is super organized and loves to plan his schedule, well in advance.


    9. Sunglasses

    What can be a better gift than a pair of wayfarers or aviators that not just make him look like a rockstar but will also protect his eyes from the scorching rays of the Sun.


    10. Picture Frame

    You could get a picture of you and him framed that will stay with him as a lifelong memory, and accentuate the room dcor at the same time.


    Let Us Help You Find that Perfect Gift!

    We, at Archies Online understand the significance of gifting and how it helps strengthen relationships. If you are looking for a gift and need more gifting ideas visit our gifts for him section. If you have any question regarding any gift listed on our website or want to learn more about delivery services, fill out our query form or simply call 011-4949 8888.