• Spilled! The Secret to Hosting an Awesome Christmas Party

    Secret Christmas Party with Archies Online

    True hospitality is subtle. Your guests might not feel the warmth and comfort at the very moment they enter a party, but it will come to them eventually. From paying attention to the seating arrangement to deciding the names on the guest list, there’s lot to take care of to become an amazing host. When you are planning a Christmas party and want guests to remember it forever, we list the secret to make sure that it turns out to be the perfect one and guests love you for the awesome hospitality.


    Cook what you are best at

    Remember that a Christmas party might not be the best time to impress guests with your culinary skills. Instead of noting down recipes and experimenting them on the D-day, we recommend sticking to what your forte is. Also, don’t prepare dishes that need constant stirring, as that would mean spending more time in kitchen and less with the guests.


    Set the mood the moment guests step-in

    If you are too anxious, chances are that it will impact the guests as well and make the whole party more tensed. Your guests are here to relax, so greet them with a smile at the door. Dress casually so that they feel comfortable right from the minute they enter the house.


    Prepare a good playlist

    When it comes to filling awkward silences, music works beautifully. Have good music played in the background so that your guests feel comfortable, relaxed and pepped-up to have a good time. You don’t have to actually look for party numbers, even Classics will do the job.


    Spend time with each guest

    Instead of spending most of the time preparing food and the remaining in keeping everything organized, we suggest you mingling with guests. Pour yourself a drink and start the conversation. This will also help you in releasing the party stress.


    Give meaningful gifts

    A Christmas party is incomplete without gifts. When we say gift, it shouldn’t be any random item that you picked from the supermarket. Think out-of-the-box and buy something that your guests will remember forever. Check out the Christmas gifts at Archies Online. We are sure that you will love our collection of gift hampers and greeting cards.


    Wrapping Up

    A sumptuous Christmas menu, good wine, and beautiful ambiance aren’t enough to make the evening memorable. Pampering your guests, spending time with them, paying attention to their little needs, and a lot of planning is the secret to host an awesome party. When you are busy sending personal invitations and choosing the menu, Archies Online would be happy to take away the stress of buying party props and gifts. Check out our wide range of Christmas gift hampers and we will deliver them at your doorstep, promptly.

  • 5 Amazing Christmas Gifts to Buy from Archies Online

    Amazing Christmas Gifts with Archies Online

    Christmas, the festival of joy and cheer is around the corner. If you are still wondering how to keep the spirit of Christmas alive, the easiest way is by giving gifts to loved ones. Choosing appropriate gifts that the special people in your life would be happy to receive is, however, easier said than done. It’s time to make shopping hassle-free and affordable with Archies Online. We have myriad of Christmas gifts to choose from and all the presents are unique in their own way. In this blog post, we are listing the five bestsellers this Christmas season.


    Xmas Musical Santa

    The Xmas Musical Santa is an appropriate gift to send your blessings to the loved ones. Made of premium quality material, the Santa is 27cm in height, 19cm in length and 9cm in width. If you are looking for a gift for kids, they are certainly going to love it.



    Christmas celebrations are followed by New Year. Nothing could be better than a colorful and stylish mug so that your loved ones start the next year with enthusiasm. Archies Online has mugs in vibrant colors and plenty of styles to match the taste of all age groups.



    No celebration is complete without chocolates. Though your guests will be relishing the delicious and much-awaited rum cake on the occasion, this alone is not going to suffice their sweet tooth. We have beautiful Christmas gift hampers of assorted chocolates that are not heavy on the pocket but amazing in taste.


    Photo Frames

    A photo frame is a perfect gift to relive a memory. Make the whole affair more personalized by putting a picture of you with the loved one in the photo frame. Archies Online has a wide range of photo frames in metal, wood, and glass to match your taste and budget.


    Wine Glasses

    Christmas cake and wine – a perfect pair for the evening. Why not make it even better by gifting wine glasses to your dear ones. This is a classy gifting option that will easily fall within your budget. Check out the collection of wine and other bar glasses at Archies Online.


    Wrapping Up

    The countdown for the most awaited festival of the year has started, and if you are busy preparing for the party, Archies Online is here to take away worries of buying and sending gifts to loved ones. We have a wide range of gifts to choose from and can also get them delivered at your or the gift recipient’s doorstep in a hassle-free way. For details or concerns, feel free to reach us at 011-4949 8888.

  • 10 Gift Ideas for Him that Will Bring a Smile on His Face

    Gifts for Him with Archiesonline

    Men might not show their excitement for gifts, the way women do; but the right gift can definitely make them happy. Choosing a gift for a man is, however, not easy, especially when its about buying a gift for a man who is hard to please. If you too are looking for a gift for your father, friend, boyfriend or husband, here are a few gift ideas that will bring a smile on his face.


    1. Beer Mug

    You could always get him a giant beer mug in which he can gulp down his favorite beer. To quirk things up a notch, you can get the beer mug customized and give it a personal touch as well!


    2. Coffee Mug

    For the caffeine or hot chocolate lover, a coffee mug can be a simple and memorable gift! You can get a quote or his picture printed on the mug at a very small price as well!


    3. Personalized Keychain

    A man might not invest his time and effort in getting himself a personalized keychain, but in case you gift him one, he will definitely like the idea!


    4. Wallet

    An essential that no man can do without! Choose a black or brown leather wallet depending on his preference and you have a gift!


    5. Wrist Watch

    A nice wrist watch ticks of all the characteristics of a good gift! It is a perfect present for any occasion and lasts a lifetime!


    6. Body Mist

    There is a variety of body mists available online for you to choose from: organic, refreshing and luxurious. Go for a fragrance that is subtle and not very overpowering.


    7. Perfume

    Men need to smell good, as much as the women do. You can gift him his favorite perfume or cologne! A few gifts are as pampering as a luxurious eau de toilette for a man!


    8. Personalized Calendar

    Extremely handy and a gift that comes with great utility. A personalized calendar is a perfect gift if the man youre buying it for is super organized and loves to plan his schedule, well in advance.


    9. Sunglasses

    What can be a better gift than a pair of wayfarers or aviators that not just make him look like a rockstar but will also protect his eyes from the scorching rays of the Sun.


    10. Picture Frame

    You could get a picture of you and him framed that will stay with him as a lifelong memory, and accentuate the room dcor at the same time.


    Let Us Help You Find that Perfect Gift!

    We, at Archies Online understand the significance of gifting and how it helps strengthen relationships. If you are looking for a gift and need more gifting ideas visit our gifts for him section. If you have any question regarding any gift listed on our website or want to learn more about delivery services, fill out our query form or simply call 011-4949 8888.

  • The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect Birthday Gift

    Perfect Birthday Gift With Archies Online

    Many people consider their birthday as one of the most special days of their lives. If you have a friend or a close one who thinks exactly that way, giving them a special birthday gift gets extremely important. Picking the right gift, out of the several options available, is however, not easy. You got to invest a lot of time and effort in finding the perfect gift. If you too are looking for a birthday gift for a friend or a close one, fret not, because here are a few quick tips to make the cumbersome process seem a lot easier to you.


    Fix a budget

    The first and most important step is to decide a price range that you will stick to. This will help you narrow down your choices before going out to explore the numerous options out there. Fixing a budget also gives you an idea of what you can get with the money.


    Keep in mind their tastes

    You have to consider a few things like their preferences, hobbies, likes, dislikes etc. before buying a gift for them. For example, if your friend likes to keep it simple and natural, gifting her an expensive makeup kit may not make much sense!


    Add a personal touch to the gift

    Getting someone a personalized birthday gift can be a great way to make someone happy! For a close one, few things can be as special as a handmade greeting card and a note!


    Shop online

    No scouting for a perfect birthday gift is over before you spend some time on the Internet swooning over some amazing DIY birthday gift ideas. Just search what you have in mind and you will be overwhelmed by the amazing ideas available online!


    Go for something eccentric

    You dont want your gift to be similar to 5 other gifts that they received! So, go for something that is not clich! Try to refrain from buying the conventional birthday presents!


    Gift them a voucher

    In case you are buying the gift for an acquaintance and are not familiar with their preferences, get them a voucher. They are convenient gifts, and very useful. All you have to do is pick an online/offline brand or store that will give them plenty of options to shop from.


    Want to Buy the Perfect Birthday Gift?

    We, at Archies, understand how important it is for you, to make your loved ones feel special on their birthday, and therefore, to help you make the most of this opportunity we bring you an extensive range of gifts at Archies Online. We can also help you directly send gifts to them, anywhere in India, in case you won’t be able to make it personally on their birthday. If you have any question about any of the products listed with us or want to know about delivery services, feel free to call at +91-11 4141 2222.

  • 5 Unique Gift Ideas for Bhai Dooj

    Gift Ideas for Bhai Dooj with Archies Online

    Bhai Dooj is the celebration of the eternal bond between a brother and sister. No matter how much both of them fight, the love never fades away. To cherish this special relationship, why not gift something exclusive to your brother this Bhai Dooj? Archies Online can help you find the perfect gift for the special man in your life. Here are the top five bhai dooj gifts ideas that will certainly bring a smile on your brother’s face.


    1.Bro You Are My Pillar Combo

    If your brother is fond of chocolates, this is the perfect combo. You will get a pack of Ferrero Rocher, Quotation on a wooden block, Roli and Chawal for pooja and a greeting card with special lines for your brother.


    2.Bro You Rock Combo

    Another splendid combo for your brother, the pack has Men perfume, 100gms cashews, 100gms almonds, roli, chawal and a greeting card. The perfume has a pleasant fragrance, and your brother would definitely love it.


    3.Brothers for Life Photo Frame

    Gift this stylish photo frame to your brother and show that he means the world to you. Get a perfect picture of two of you, so that he remembers you every time he looks at the frame. The frame is 10 cm long and 20cm wide.


    4.Awesome Brother Glass Token

    Make your special brother feel extra-special with the awesome brother glass token. There are fifty slips inside the glass beaker with each having a note on why your brother is special. The gift is 15cm long.


    5.My Sweet Brother Personalized Mug

    Personalized gifts never lose their charm. The personalized mug by Archies Online is the perfect gift for Bhai Dooj. Choose a photograph of two of your together to be printed on the mug. This will remind your brother of you, whenever he will look at the mug. Make sure that you select a high-resolution photograph.


    Wrapping Up

    Revive memories with your childhood buddy and secret holder this Bhai Dooj by gifting him something exclusive. In addition to these special gifts for the occasion, you can also go for flowers, cakes, apparels and accessories. Archies Online will ensure that the gift is delivered at your doorstep or the address of the recipient on-time. For questions or concerns, call 011-4949 8888.