8 Special Friendship Day Gifts Under 1000

Friendship Day gives you an opportunity to strengthen the bond you share with your friends. Why not take out some time from your busy schedule to celebrate the solidarity of your bond? Though there are several ways to express gratitude towards your friends, the most effective and popular one is gifting small tokens of love. Sending Friendship Day gifts to your friends is one of the best ways to convey how much they mean to you. The gift need not be expensive but something that exudes warmth and love that you feel for your friends. To help you surprise all your friends with exclusive Friendship Day gifts without disrupting your budget, Archies Online gives you eight pocket-friendly options that will surely be appreciated by the recipients.


1. Friends Forever Desk Quotation

Price: Rs. 209

Friends Forever Desk Quotation with Archies Online

Quotations are the best way to express love for your bestie. Gift this beautiful desk quotation, which can be used on a side table, study table or office desk. Every time your friend will look at it, it would remind him/her of you and the wonderful memories created together. Click here to visit our Home Decor Section


2.’For My Friend’ Personalised Card

Price: Rs. 299

For My Friend Personalised Card With Archies Online

What else can be a better way to express love for your friends than personalized friendship day greeting cards. Customise greeting cards with pictures of you and your friend(s) and write a lovely note inside. For customisation you can pick any six photographs and recipient’s name for customisation. This personalised card is sure to bring a big fat smile on your friend’s face. Click here to visit our Friendship Day Greeting Cards Section


3. Peacocks Handmade Notebook

Price: Rs. 399

Peacocks Handmade Notebook With Archies Online

Gift this beautiful handmade notebook, which can be used to pen down almost everything, such as personal thoughts, poems, agenda, to-dos, and so on. This beautiful handcrafted notebook is made of 100 percent cotton cover with a string around it. It can be easily carried while traveling. Help your friends organize their life in a better way by gifting them this pocket-friendly handmade notebook. Click here to visit our Handmade Notebook Section


4. I Love you Friend Mug

Price: Rs. 399

I Love you Friend Mug With Archies Online

Coffee mugs are the perfect gift for your friends. It will remind them of the deep bond you share with them and make them feel special every time they sip coffee from it. Your friends are sure to treasure this timeless gift forever. Click here to visit Friendship Mugs Section


5. Butterflies Evil Eye Wall Hanging

Price: Rs. 499

Butterflies Evil Eye Wall Hanging With Archies Online

The talismans created against evil eye are also usually referred as evil eyes. According to Jewish tradition, such talismans protect people from malevolent glare of people that can cause one misfortune, bad luck, or injury. Gift your friends this beautiful evil eye wall hanging, which is not only a beautiful interior decorative, but also brings luck. Click here to buy this Beautiful Evil Eye Wall Hangingsection


6. ‘Life is Better with Friends’ Cushion

Price: Rs. 799

Life is Better with Friends Cushion With Archies Online

This stylish chalk effect cushion is a perfect gift to decorate your friend’s room. It not only adds an extra zing to the place, but will also remind your friend of your friendship and beautiful time spent together. Also, your friends would love the quote written on it and would feel valued every time they look at it. Click here to buy Friendship Day CushionSection


7. Best Friend Medal & Ferrero Rocher hamper

Price: Rs. 849

 Best Friend Medal & Ferrero Rocher hamper With Archies Online

Gift this hamper of happiness to your friends to showcase how much you care for them. The best friend medal is a unique way to assert their place in your life. Hamper comprising 16 piece Ferrero Rocher works as an icing on the cake as these luscious chocolates are almost everyone’s favorite. Click here to visit our Friendship Day Chocolates Gifts Section


8. Colorful Autos Desk Clock with Photo Frame

Price: Rs. 999

 Colorful Autos Desk Clock with Photo Frame With Archies Online

Lend a stylish appeal to your friend’s home decor, by gifting them this chic photo frame, that comes with a clock. Frame the most memorable picture of you and your friend for a personal touch. This photo frame-cum-desk clock is the lovely way to wish happy friendship day to your dear friends. Click here to visit our Friendship DayPhoto Fame Section


Cheers to Friendship!

With every passing year, you and your friends share countless wonderful moments. This Friendship Day, don’t leave the opportunity to spread the sweetness of your friendship by gifting small tokens of love to your friends. The Friendship Day gifts listed in this post are sure to make your friends feel special and loved. So, what are you waiting for? Choose from an extensive range of Friendship Day gifts available at Archies Online.

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