5 Unique Ideas to Celebrate Friendship Day: Coz Friends are Forever

Friendship Day Celebration

Friendship is one of the most beautiful and amazing feelings one can ever experience in their lifetime. A true friend is one of the greatest blessings you can have. Friends are not only our partners in crime, but also pillars of support, and many a times, our driving force. Given the irreplaceable value of your friends, it is essential to celebrate the bond you share, and what could be a better occasion to do this than Friendship Day. To help you express your feelings for your buddies and tell them what they mean to you, Archies Online gives you five unique ideas to celebrate Friendship Day.


1. Sleepover Party

Whether you have just one best friend or have a large group, planning a sleepover party is a great idea to celebrate Friendship Day. Invite all your friends and make sure you plan the night well in advance. Rent some movies, stock enough food and drinks for the night. And of course, you can also add some fun games to the list.


2. Camping Trip

Camping on Friendship Day is a great way to spend quality time with friends and create timeless memories. Explore mother nature, go fishing, hiking, and enjoy some outdoor activities in the company of your friends. It is not every day that you get to spend time in such a beautiful environment. All you need to do is choose a place and the activities your group would enjoy, and have a fun filled, action-packed Friendship Day.


3. Friendship Tokens

There was a time when technology hadn’t taken over human emotions, with people celebrating Friendship Day through small tokens of affection, such as friendship day cards, letters, and flowers. Even today, many people love to celebrate Friendship Day in similar fashion. If you would like to add an extra zing to the celebration, do it the traditional way. You can also cook for your friends to celebrate the special day.


4. Personalized Items

If your friends like special gestures of appreciation, you can’t go wrong with personalized gifts. Archies Online carries a wide selection of personalized gifts, such as mugs, bracelets, plaque and pendants that are sure to bring a smile on your friend’s face. Simply choose suitable gift items for your friends according to their taste and interests, share your personalization inputs, and leave the rest to us.


5. Long Drive

Celebrating a grand expression such as friendship may not be possible in a day, unless you seal it with something special. Why not call all your friends and plan a road trip to any nearby destination. Traveling together gives you ample time to catch up with old friends and relive all the moments you have shared over the years. Just be sure to not let the trip turn into a car-o-bar party as the risks are more than obvious.


Time to Celebrate Friendship!

This friendship day, take some time out from your busy schedule to say thank you to your wonderful friends. Make your celebration more interesting by choosing beautiful friendship day gifts, such as friendship day flowers, cards, and friendship bands. Whether your friends stay in India or a far off land, Archies Online can help you surprise your friends with exquisite friendship day gifts. If you have any questions about our products, delivery, or policies, simply call +91-11 4141 2222.

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