5 Mother’s Day Gifts for the Modern Mom

Happy mothers day card with tulips on wooden background

Mother’s Day celebrates the special bond between mothers and their children. Regardless of how old people get, the role of a mother will never change. She will always stand by you like a rock through the good and tough times. That’s why you must not miss out any opportunity to express your love and care for her. One opportunity you just can’t afford to miss, to say a big ‘thank you’ to your mother is on Mother’s Day. On the 14th May, the world unites to celebrate motherhood. Shower her with gifts, greeting cards, and hampers. If you are looking for a unique gift or unsure about what to choose, we’ve list of five awesome gifts that you can buy to surprise your Mum.


1. Smartphone

If your mother doesn’t have a smartphone for one reason or the other, use this opportunity to buy her one. The world is getting smart, and so should your mother. Buy a smartphone and introduce your mother to the online world where she can catch up with friends and family via a social network, learn new recipes on YouTube, and even play some interesting games. Give her the world at her fingertips.


2. Diamond Jewellery broad range of mothers day gift

Diamonds are a woman’s best friend, regardless of age. Your mother will be excited about getting diamond studded earrings, necklace, ring, bracelet, or a complete diamond jewelry set. Buy intricately designed jewellery featuring a sparkling diamond, to convey to your mother how much she means to you.


3. Shower Foot Spa

If you wish to pamper your mother this Mother’s Day, a shower foot spa can be an ideal and thoughtful gift. Shop for a water-resistant hands-free shower foot exfoliator to help exfoliate the dead skin in a matter of minutes. Most shower foot spas have two different textures to deliver just the right level of exfoliation on the bottoms and sides of the feet.


4. Personalized Mug

Want to gift your mother something that she uses every day and has your emotions written all over? Personalized mugs are unparalleled gifting option that conveys deep-felt feelings. Several online gift stores allow you to have a personal message or photograph engraved on the coffee mug. It can be a perfect gift if you are staying away from your mother, as she will have a memento to remind her of you every moment.


5. Makeup Kit

Women love to dress up and makeup. It is a prerequisite to getting that perfect look and forever young feeling. Gift your mother a makeup kit of her favorite brand that includes all the makeup essentials, including eyeliners, mascaras, sponges, and brushes. She’ll enjoy using her favorite products and get the look she always wanted.


Buy a Gift Today

Giving your mother any of these awesome gifts is a perfect way to celebrate Mother’s Day. If you have little time to go from pillar to post hunting for the perfect gift too, Archies Online has got you covered. Browse through our vast collection of mother’s day gifts and select anything from Greeting Cards to Personalized Gifts to Fashion Accessories that you believe can be a token of thanks for your mother’s unwavering love and affection. We understand the emotions behind your order when buying a gift for your mother, which is why we have a strong delivery network to ensure your orders reach you on time. Track your order(s) and know our refund policy. To learn more about available product selection or discuss gift ideas, fill out our contact form or simply call us at 011-4949 8888.

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