• 10 Unique Celebration Ideas to Spice-up your Kids Birthday

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    Every parent has a unique way of celebrating their kids’ birthdays. Some parents go out of their way to plan grand themed parties, while others keep it simple by only inviting close friends and family members. Though it’s the parents’ prerogative to plan their kid’s birthday, having an idea or two about how to put together birthday celebrations helps you organize a memorable birthday for your kid. One of the best ways to make their day special is to plan an entire day that is filled with surprises. To help, we list ten creative and fresh birthday celebration ideas that are sure to bring smile on your kid’s face.


    1. Plan for an entire “Birthday Week”

    Plan the entire week of your kids’ birthday by taking them to an adventure park, ice-cream parlor, a 3D movie show or any other activity which they like the most. You can also bestow them with special gifts every morning, for the entire week.


    2. Fill their Bedroom with Balloons

    Surprise your kid on their birthday morning by covering their room floor with colorful balloons. Do all the arrangements the night before so that when they wake up they get a lovely birthday surprise.


    3. Serve their Favorite Breakfast

    You may be cautious about your kid’s health, but their birthday can be a cheat day for their happiness. Prepare their favorite breakfast, be it bread jam, noodles, pancakes, pastries or a chocolate mousse. They’d love to be treated like a king or a queen on their special day.


    4. Write a Birthday Message on the Bathroom Mirror

    Another way to surprise your kid on their birthday morning is to write a special birthday message on their washroom mirror. Be a little artistic when writing a message, either use a soap foam or crayon colors to write a message on the mirror.


    5. Decorate their Birthday Chair

    Decorate your kid’s kitchen chair like a throne by using some colored papers and other decoratives. You can also make use of fairy lights to make the chair glow in the night. This will make your son or daughter feel like a prince or princess.


    6. Turn the Bath Tub into a Party Venue

    Kids love to have fun during bath, especially if they are bathing in the bath tub. Create a fun bathing experience for them by decorating their bathtub with small toys and balloons all over. You can also put some rose petals in their bath tub to make it look colorful.


    7. Give a Personalized Birthday Gift

    There is no better alternative to gifting personalized gifts. You can choose from a range of personalized gifts, such as mugs, cushions, calendar, plaque, photo frame, card, and t-shirt. Personalized gift is something your kid will cherish for life as a token of your love.


    8. Buy a Birthday Crown

    Though birthday crown is a common practice, you can go a little creative this time. Kids love to wear crown as it makes them feel special and loved. You will find many DIY tips for creating artistic birthday crowns for kids. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to unleash your inner artist.


    9. Prepare a Slideshow of their Photos

    Another unique way to celebrate your kid’s birthday is by preparing a slideshow of their moments spent with family and friends and a compilation of their own pictures from different age group.


    10. Have a Birthday Countdown

    Surprise your kids by entering their room ten minutes before their birthday and start a birthday countdown. It’s a wonderful way to show how much you love and care about your kid.


    Have a Happy Birthday!

    In addition to the ideas discussed in this post, you can also incorporate birthday party themes inspired by glitter, strawberries, sprinkles, pirates, and ninjas. Kids love cartoons and love to imitate their favorite cartoon character. You can also gift them goodies throughout the day. Don’t forget to explore the wide selection of personalised birthday gifts and unique gifts for kids at ArchiesOnline. We offer fast shipping service to ensure that your gift reaches you in time. If you have any questions about available gifting options, fill out our contact form or call at +91-11 4141 2222.

  • 5 Father’s Day Celebration Traditions From Around The Globe

    Father’s Day Celebration with Archiesonline

    What image comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘father’? A strict disciplinarian, a friend who is always there for you, or a mentor? Fathers play many important roles in our lives though sometimes they may seem too strict. They shower you with their unconditional love and always stand beside you, no matter what the circumstances. If you want to thank your dad for helping you become the person you are today, set a reminder for 18th June, 2017, to celebrate Father’s Day with the rest of the world. To help you make your dad feel special, Archies carries some exclusive Father’s Day hampers and expressive cards. Also, to help you get in the spirit of Father’s Day celebration and understand how the world comes together to say a big ‘thank you’ to all fathers, we have compiled some novel Father’s Day traditions from around the globe. Take a look.


    1. Pink Attire (Thailand)

    Thais consider their late King Bhumibol Adulyadej as the Father of the Nation. Father’s Day in Thailand is celebrated on his birthday (Dec 5). To honor their beloved leader, Thais wear pink on this day and kids gift a canna flower to their father. To add a little spice to your Father’s Day celebration, do it the Thais way by dressing (along with other family members) in your father’s favorite color, if not pink.


    2. Hikes and Drinking Fests (Germany)

    On Father’s Day, German men celebrate manhood by participating in men only hikes that include barrels filled with local wines, beer and regional food. Many men also go to beer gardens, where they drink all day. So, this Father’s Day why not take a cue from Germans and conduct activities, such as attending a beer tasting session,and going on a trek with your dad and his gang to help them have a fun-filled day.


    3. Fishing and Gifting Handmade Items (South Africa)

    On Father’s Day, kids in South Africa gift novelties, such as handmade cards, necktie, and flowers to their fathers. On this day, many families go on a fishing trip or enjoy picnic with their loved ones. This Father’s Day spend some quality time together, organize a fishing trip or an outing with your family members, which can also become a tradition for your family.


    4. Preparing Seafood Dinner and Gifting Flowers (Japan)

    Kids in Japan celebrate Father’s Day by gifting their fathers fresh flowers, handmade beer glasses, a box of Japanese sweets, and perfumes. Most families celebrate the day by having seafood for dinner. You too can help your dad feel special this Father’s Day by preparing his favorite delicacy for dinner. After dinner, gift him a box of his favorite chocolates, which is sure to bring a big smile on his face.


    5. Racing (Mexico)

    Mexican kids thank their dad for enduring hardships and making numerous sacrifices everyday by presenting gifts and preparing meals. On this day, several Mexicans participate in a city wide 21km race organized in Bosque de Tlalpan. To stay fit the fun way, you too can start the tradition of organizing a family run on Father’s Day.


    Buy a Gift and Plan for Sheer Fun!

    Your father has been your support system for years, which is why he deserves to feel special everyday, especially on Father’s Day. Plan for memorable Father’s Day activities to make him feel special and loved. In addition to these inspiring traditions, find best Father’s Day gifting ideas at ArchiesOnline. Choose from our exclusive range of gifts, such as personalized mugs, Father’s Day flowers, and Father’s Day gift hampers. If you have any questions about the availability of any gift or our delivery services, simply fill our contact form or call at +91-11 4141 2222.

  • Father’s Day Gifts to Thank Your Real-Life Superhero

    Father’s Day Gifts Ideas with Archiesonline

    He was the one pacing up and down the corridors of the maternity ward, when your mother was struggling to bring you into this world. He was there to encourage you to get up and continue trying whenever you fell down. He was the one to give you life lessons that serve as a beacon of light whenever it seems darkness is about to consume you. Yes, we are talking about your father, your first superhero. Though there is no denying the fact that you cannot ever repay your father for his selfless love, you can, at least, thank him for standing beside you like a rock, guarding you from the perils of life. With Father ‘s Day round the corner, the time is right to let him know what he means to you. To help, we ‘ve listed some cool gifts for Father ‘s day that are sure to spread a smile on his face. Take a look.


    1. Personalised Mug


    mug Whether your dad is a tea fanatic or has a love affair with coffee, gifting him a personalised Father ‘s Day mug is sure to make him go “wow”. Personalize the mug with a photo; share a picture with your order number at personalise@archiesonline.com, and leave the rest to our team. Gifting him a Father ‘s Day photo mug will take him down the memory lane, and make him cherish the times you have shared.



    2. Archie ‘s Analog White Dial Men ‘s Watch


    archies-watch Does your dad find it a challenge to keep track of time? Or do you feel he needs to ramp up his style quotient? Whatever the case, gifting him this classy watch will make him the “cool dude” in his friends circle. The stylish watch has a white color round dial with PU buckle closure. To ensure our customers get reliable troubleshooting services, the watch comes with one year warranty.


    3. Titan Skinn Steele 100 ML Perfume for Men


    perfume When it comes to father ‘s day gifts, you can ‘t go wrong with Titan Skinn Steele perfume for men. The exotic perfume is made from grapefruit, rhubarb, Virginian ciderwood, pimento and nutmeg. All these ingredients come together to create a fragrance that will make him the centre of attraction; no matter whether he is shaking a leg at a social do or taking the audience through an official presentation.


    4. Elephant Motifs Beer Mug


    beer-mug Add a dash of style to your dad ‘s drinking sessions by gifting him this colorful beer mug. If your old man is cool enough to let you drink with him, the intricate design of the mug can be a conversation “restarter” once things go quiet, which always happens, as after a while, you run out of things to talk about. The morning after, you may laugh off the discussion, but its memories will surely make you smile for years to come.


    5. Dry Fruits Hamper for Papa


    dry-fruits-hamper Whether your dad has a sweet tooth or is a fitness enthusiast, this Hamper is a safe Father ‘s day gift for your superhero. Your father may swear by his rigorous fitness regime, but trust us when we say he won ‘t share this special gift with anyone, maybe not even you!


    Time to Surprise Him!

    Dads, being the ones responsible for the family, have few choices but to be tough. We, however, must not forget that deep inside, they too need love and care. The Father ‘s Day, you can show your dad how much you love him, though an exquisite gift from Archies.com. Our Father ‘s Day gifts include a wide array of options that will surely be well-appreciated by your old man. If you have any queries about our personalized gift options, fill out our contact form or call +91-11 4141 2222.

  • Try These Exciting Activities With Your Dad for a Splendid Father’s Day Celebration

    Happy Father’s Day with Archies Online

    If mothers are the support system for their kids, fathers are a rock-solid foundation. If you are looking for some creative and meaningful ways to express your gratitude for your dad, June 18, 2017 is the date to remember. This day the whole world comes together to celebrate fatherhood and their unconditional love. In an effort to help you add extra zing to this occasion, Archies offers a wide selection of personalised Father’s Day gifts, such as exclusive gift hampers, personalized coffee mugs, and customized plaques. In addition to some cool gifts, you can also complement the day by spending some fun-filled quality time with your dad. To help you plan an eventful Father’s Day, we’ve listed some exciting activities you can try with your father.


    1. Try Go-karting

    If your father loves the adrenalin rush, an adventure sport is a must-have in your Father’s day to-do list? Although completing laps on F-1 track is off-limits, you can try the next best thing with your dad – go-karting. There are more than a handful of go-karting tracks in India. All you need to do is google the nearest track to your location. Watch his face flushed with child-like excitement and joy as he takes the driver’s seat and zips around the racing track.


    2. Attend a Beer Tasting Session

    Beer is certainly the elixir of life for many fathers out there, especially in summer when the Sun is at its relentless best. This Father’s Day, beat the heat of scorching sun by attending a local beer tasting session with your special drinking partner- your dad. Share humorous stories and life incidences as you two gulp down the pints of your favorite beer. To savor the memories, carry home a souvenir, such as a beer mug or a bottle, or a picture together.


    3. Go Camping

    Whether your dad is an avid naturalist or needs a break from everyday routine, camping in the wilderness will help him relax and unwind. Plan various adventurous activities, such as pitching a tent, and starting a campfire. If the idea of camping in the middle of nowhere with your dad excites you, start preparing today by ordering necessary camping equipment.


    4. Gift him a spa Session

    Do you feel years of hard-work has started showing on your father’s face? It’s time to book a relaxing spa session for him. He has pampered you for years, now it is your turn to return the favor. You are sure to see a relaxed smile on his face when the masseuse starts weaving magic with their massage skills.


    5. Visit an Amusement Park

    Friedrich Nietzsche once said, “In every real man a child is hidden that wants to play”. Your father may not show his fun-loving side quite often, but deep inside he wants to have fun, frolic around like a kid. This Father’s Day unleash the kid inside him by visiting your local amusement park. When you are about to leave, remember to collect souvenirs that will remind you of the great time you had together. Also, click as many pictures as possible in his funny faces during the ride. Gift these pictures framed in beautiful photo frames.


    Now is the Time!

    Father’s Day is a time to thank your father for his support and care. In addition to above mentioned fun-filled activities, you can grab some personalised gift hampers and stylish accessories to add more surprise to the celebration. Don’t forget to explore an exclusive range of Father’s Day gifts at ArchiesOnline. To learn more about available gifts or customization options, simply call +91-11 4141 2222.

  • 5 Gift Ideas to Cherish Your Beloved’s Personality

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    She’s the apple of your eye. The one who took your breath away the moment you first saw her. You both are truly, madly, and deeply in love, but when it comes to buying her gifts, you are still stuck with old-school choices. Though no gift can match the personal impact of greeting cards, boutique, and soft toys, you must occasionally treat her to special gifts that she will cherish for a lifetime. A gift that compliments her personality or hobby, is the best way to go. To help you get started with isolating the best gift ideas for her, this blog post lists five carefully chosen options for your special someone.


    1. Inspired Photographer

    While most girls prefer being in the picture, some enjoy life behind the camera. If your girl loves clicking pictures, a professional camera is an ideal gift for her. There are plethora of professionals cameras available in the market. Choose one that captures quality photos even in low-light conditions, offers excellent control over video, and seamlessly captures wide angles for perfect portraits and snapshots.


    2. Avid Reader

    If books are your girl’s best friend, gifting books is the easiest way to charm her. If, like most women, she enjoys reading romantic novels, surprise her with the latest publications of her favorite writer. If she’s the intellectual type, gift her some books aligned with her interest. If she’s comfortable reading all genres, check out online stores for latest publications in different genres.


    3. Tech-Savvy

    Though technology and women generally doesn’t go hand-in-hand, there are some that enjoy being surrounded by technology. If your girlfriend loves the latest smartphones in the market, surprise her by buying one for her. There are several other tech options that you can gift her, including smartwatches, fitness bands, bluetooth speaker and headphones, or a laptop. It helps if you would know the device that she lacks.


    4. Fashionista

    If your women is a fashionista, she loves to always be on top of her game. She knows fashion so well that she rarely falters with their fashion choice. Though it may be difficult to match her choice and fashion sense, you can still try and impress her with your choice. Buy trending clothing, such as cold shoulder top and palazzo pants; or footwear, such as bold platform and lace-up heels, and witness the excitement in her eyes at receiving something she’s fond of.


    5. Adventure Junky

    If your girlfriend enjoys going on adventure trips, you can plan a trip together. It can be any adventure from skiing in the Himalayas, rafting in Rishikesh, from paragliding, to deep sea diving. Plan an adventure holiday and enjoy some thrilling moments together. If she’s going with her friends, gift her the necessary accessories such as tents for camping, trekking boots, and sleeping bags. You can also take a cue from what she loves to do.


    Even though, there’s no denying that these gifts can sweep the right girl of her feet, but you can also bag some cool gifts from an extensive selection without breaking the bank, at Archies Online. We offer a comprehensive range of gifts for your girlfriend, wife, fiancee, or female friends. Shop for beautiful jewellery, attractive accessories, or chocolate and greeting card combos and hampers to shower your beloved with your love and appreciation. To learn more, fill out our contact form or simply call 011-4949 8888.